23 Gorgeous Long Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

The long and straightly arranged hair has a kind of artistic part right in the middle to create an enchanting frame for your face.

Australia-based Tash, a renowned hairdresser, is a firm advocate of curtain bangs that go well with all types of faces. “This style always looks good on everyone” she claims.

Do not hesitate to ask for product recommendations that can help you maintain the style longer than usual and make your everyday styling process easier.”

It’s a way through which you express yourself uniquely with little charm. Get an insight into this by going through some of the most admired styles featuring beautiful curtain bangs on straight hair.

Refreshing your look with some modern touch will never be bad, and this gallery has the perfect solution for it.

1. Trendy Bob with Long Curtain Fringe

This hairstyle boasts a refined soft bob cut that delicately frames the face and is accompanied by an extended curtain fringe that sweeps gently across the forehead.

The bob stops just above the shoulders, making it a modern timeless look that can be worn in any casual or formal setting.

2. Delicate Curly Locks with Wispy Curtain Bangs

The straight hair is flat at the roots but thickens as you move toward the ends, giving it movement.

Thin curtain bangs are pulled apart in between and they taper off around the cheeks to subtly accentuate facial features such as your eyes and cheekbones. It goes for people who want a light look but still want their hair to feel full.

3. Classic Straight Haircut on Shoulders

Shoulder-length haircuts are very simple and sophisticated like this one. Straight board-like locks hanging down without looking back hence ideal for those who would rather have low-maintenance chic looks.

It suits various face shapes and can be worn both for work and everyday life.

4. Long Straight Bangs on Dark Brown Hair

It includes long straight bangs covering up her forehead and paired with dark brown hair which gives her a mysterious and intense appearance she desires to show through her hair.

5. Bob Hairstyle with Thick Luxurious Layers of Hair

This type of bob suits best those who have thick hair because it is meant to show off its volume and texture respectively.

Luxurious curtain bangs add some glamour to your look while at the same time framing your face perfectly thus drawing attention to eyes primarily.

6. Long Curtain Fringe Perfectly Combed for Any Occasion

This hairstyle is characterized by a neatly combed down long fringe parted in two halves while falling along both sides of a person’s face which brings out the elegance in all types of wavy or straight hair.

7. Long Curtain Fringe for a More Balanced Look on Elongated Faces

This curtain fringe is meant for oblong face types in order to balance the cheekbones by adding width around the cheeks.

The bangs are cut into sections which easily blend in with the rest of her loose or styled hair.

8. Center-parted Bangs Over Long Smooth Hair

The design comprises long, straight hair that is divided in its middle into two halves and this makes your eyes and cheekbones noticeable.

Making it one of the simplest yet most striking choices you can make if you want to achieve an appealing appearance that favors those with straight-textured manes.

9. Straight Hair with Curtain Fringe and Highlight Accents

Combining straight hair with a curtain fringe, this hairstyle is elevated with the addition of subtle highlights.

These accents enhance the texture and dimension of the hair, making the fringe stand out and giving the overall look a radiant finish.

10. Multi-Layered Straight Hair with Elegant Bangs

For straight hairs that have multiple layers, this adds movement and depth to it.

For those who would like to add an element of sophistication to their outlook, they can incorporate beautiful bangs that will frame their faces.

11. Flowing Layers with Gentle Curtain Bangs

It has soft flowing layers that create natural movements in your hair while gentle curtain bangs barely touch the face.

They are great for creating an innocent-looking disheveled do that still looks modern.

12. Voluminous Blowout with Sleek Curtain Bangs

The voluminous blowout gives a fuller look to this style complemented by sleek curtain bangs which give off a sophisticated look.

This is ideal when you want your hair to be noticed or during special occasions.

13. Mid-Length Hair with Chic Bardot Bangs

This hairstyle features mid-length hair alongside chic Bardot bangs which are reminiscent of iconic Parisian style.

They are parted slightly to one side and blended gently into other parts of one’s hair representing retro looks but with a modern feel.

14. Structured Long Bob for Square Faces with Bangs

A structured long bob designed specifically for square face shapes helps soften angular jawlines.

Additionally, it includes bangs that accentuate the natural angles of the face thereby achieving a balance between sharpness and gentleness.

15. Razor Layers With Flowing Curtain Bangs

Razor-cut layers give this haircut an edgy texture against flowing curtain bangs leading to softened appearances all around hence perfect if one requires both gracefulness and a dynamic textured look.

16. Long Feathered Layers with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Long, feathered layers provide this hairstyle with movement and lightness, complemented by wispy curtain bangs that gently frame the face.

This combination creates a dreamy, ethereal look that embodies style and soft beauty for long-haired individuals.

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17. Shaggy Bob with Soft Face-Framing Layers

This shaggy bob is characterized by its layered texture and soft, face-framing layers that enhance the facial features.

It’s a playful, versatile style that works well for those seeking a casual, easy-to-maintain look with a bit of personality.

18. Medium-Length Shag with the Bangs that Have Lots of Movements

This haircut has dynamic bangs that give a medium-length shag an extra kick. The style is all about texture and volume. Thus, it will be perfect for anyone who wants to add some life and energy to their hair.

19. Thick Hair with Layered Side-Swept Bangs

This style is perfect for thick hair due to the incorporation of layers which help control its volume and weight in addition to side-swept bangs that make it look more elegant and sophisticated.

People who have thick hair would find this to be a perfect way of styling it.

20. Shortcut with Cheek-Grazing Curtain Bangs

A modern and elegant appearance can be achieved by combining cheek-grazing curtain bangs with a chic shortcut.

This combination is just right when you want something daring but low maintenance while keeping your own sense of style intact.

21. Textured Medium Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

The reason why long curtain bangs are used on this textured medium cut is to make the hair look vibrant and alive from every angle.

This hairstyle choice perfectly complements any type of outfit as well as those individuals who would like to have an easy time maintaining their locks but still looking trendy at the same time.

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22. Thin Hair with Curtain Bangs and Choppy Layers

This thin hairstyle employs curtain bangs along with choppy layers making it appear fuller and thicker by adding volume and texture to it respectively.

It helps in framing the face, while these layers provide movement, depth, and definition among other features from individual strands up till strands themselves.

23. Tousled Layered Bob with Framing Bangs

Layers create natural movement in a tousled layered bob that offers a relaxed, carefree appearance.

For people who want looks that are both entertaining and polished at the same time, this haircut will be of great interest.

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