12 Stylish Haircut Ideas for Round Faces: A Comprehensive Guide

It is a matter of selecting the right hairstyle for you if you have a round face to emphasize your facial features to best advantage. It is important to go with styles that enhance your strengths when dealing with this face shape. Remember, not all hair trends being worn today will be suitable for a round face by natural means: sometimes, we must adapt these styles so as our own.

The aim for people having circular faces is usually to make them seem elongated while drawing attention to their eyes and cheekbones and jawline. Indeed, at length hairstyles or those that add height at the crown layered are ideal.

Choosing a haircut that complements your facial structure and brings out the most striking features is what counts.

That’s why I put together a guide complete with a visual collection below 👇. You’ll know which ones would make you shine in no time at all.

What Makes A Face Circular? A circular face has a rounded front hairline and chin line, with width approximately equal to length of the face (Source)      

If you want to determine whether your own face falls into this category, measurement becomes crucial. A flexible measuring tape would be great but even a ruler can do. If it looks wider than longer, then there are chances that you have got a circular one.

Observe how your chin line and front hairline are shaped. In case they also appear rounded, then it’s high time that you tried hairstyles meant for circle faces too.

But don’t worry about leaving behind your favorite style of hair-doing either because actually long locks look quite wonderful on round faces; yet even middle sizes do enhance one’s looks.

Forget any ideas about avoiding short styles for round faces either; bob cuts or pixie cuts can look stunning when shaped and layered properly              

#1: Shagged Wavy Bob With Choppy Layers

For those who have abundant hair wanting style as well as movement, shaggy wavy Bob with choppy layers is perfect – it is round faces opening up the face with soft layers for an elongated look. It’s easy to take care of and style this length that is versatile in nature.

#2: Rooted Light Brown Hairstyle

Add depth to blonde hair light brown by creating a rooted look. With dark roots, the blondes are more vibrant as there is a sharp contrast. Think about your skin tone while picking out the root shade during highlighting.

#3: Rezo Cut Curls for Women Over 30

Rezo cut curls suit women over 30 with round faces well. This style creates shape while keeping a lot of volume within curly hair and respects its length providing dignity for a round face. Use volumizing mousse and diffuser for perfect ringlets.

#4: Balayage Curls for Women Over 40

For women over forty, balayage curls add volume and texture into thick, black hair which otherwise would be lifeless if not frizzy. Also, this approach allows you not to touch up your roots often when dying due to making them darker than other parts of head.

#5: Super Cute Loose Curls

A loose curl collarbone-length cut is good on round faces giving slight framing around the cheeks and jawline – thereby making it appear elongated showing off natural curls.

#6: Curly Rezo Haircut for Thick Hair

A curly Rezo cut suits thick, curly hair because it equalizes layers all over while enhancing structures of round-shaped faces; besides, this hairstyle aims at leaving out or adding size from neck part up to crown zone basing on one’s facial form

#7: Very Thick Curls with Highlights

For round faces, thicker curls that are highlighted work well while using hair products such as Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse to enhance natural texture and volume, diffusing from roots to ends for defined, bouncy curls.

#8: The Center Part Layered Cut with Long Curtain Fringe

The classic middle part of an off-center part layered cut is updated by long curtain fringe. This style is for those who cannot wear a middle part, giving a new twist on the 90s look. A blow dryer brush can be used when styling it so as to achieve maximum results.

#9: Textured Shaggy Haircut with Wavy Bangs

Textured shaggy haircut with wavy bangs is a great choice for round faces. It draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones thus creating a flattering effect around them. Use medium hold hairspray in order to preserve it.

#10: Layered Curly Cut For Thick Hair

Thick curly hair will look modern with a layered curly cut; square layers around the face are particularly good. Air dry or diffuse with curl product if necessary so that you minimize frizz.

#11: Medium Razored Shag with Micro Bangs

Trendy razor shag with micro bangs gives an edgy appearance on medium round faces.This hairstyle combines texture and volume thus best suited for those looking for a bold contemporary style.

#12: Curled Mid-Length Hair with Straight Bangs

Curled mid-length hair paired with straight bangs makes you adorable; add some layers at the cheeks to bring out your beauty which is enhanced by gently curling around her face especially if she does not have natural waves.Use a blow dryer with a round brush to finish off styling of these having the goal of avoiding too much curl under.

Hair Type Considerations

My aim here is to help you choose a fantastic haircut which flatters your circular face shape even though this element alone doesn’t determine anything.

Your hair type largely determines styles which will or will not create the desired illusion of an oval face.Please consider these tips when looking through our gallery below.An epic style might look amazing on one woman’s coily hair while different on another’s straight hair.

Narrow forehead. Look for layers which feather away from your face with minimal volume around the front. Select a style that is less voluminous than Farrah Fawcett’s but more like Jennifer Aniston’s. For a pixie cut, what about a pompadour or faux hawk?

Asymmetric nose. Try an asymmetric hairstyle with a side part in it. A bob or lob is classic and timeless. If you want something edgier, ask about shaving one side to create asymmetry.

Petite nose. Certain hairstyles on a small nose may make her look child-like and youthful.Hair styles should be full but without bangs.A medium or long shag with top volume will give you a polished youthful appearance.

Prominent nose. One can create softness around the face so as to elongate it thus creating balance.Select wispy facial framing starting at the cheekbones and blending towards the ends of your hair.This approach goes well with any kind of hairstyle.

Small chin. These hairstyles balance out this feature by being swept up and away from your face.Hence, avoid having too much puffy sides because this has an effect of making round faces look wider.Consider either getting choppy layers on shaggy bob or short shag instead.

Large chin. No chin-length hairstyles.If your hair is shorter or longer than your chin then it makes your face appear longer, slimmer and balanced.To get some facial framing, advise the stylist not to go below the level of the chin when cutting.

Maintaining Your Haircut

Before looking at our gallery of haircut for round faces consider how often they require maintenance in terms of salon visits & daily styling requirements?

Haircut Frequency:

Make a low-maintenance hair decision that will leave you visiting salons either annually or biannually. Your best bet would be bobs, lobs, shags or layered cuts. If you don’t want to visit the salon regularly, avoid pixies or extreme styles. Visit the gallery and pick any hairstyle if you can handle monthly trims. Tell your stylist about your preferred maintenance level for bangs. Are you ready for two weeks’ salon visits? Share your thoughts with your hairstylist on whether to choose a punky style or classic angled bob cut. Try to show the picture in the gallery that attracts you most among others so that he/she could follow it as a guide.

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