25 Trendy Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

A wedding day dress should be chosen with the same importance given to selecting an appropriate hairstyle. Fancy and elegant hairstyles can go well with medium-length hair, thus enhancing your overall bridal look.

When you have medium-length hair, consider going for today’s stylish textured ponytail or a voluminous updo which will add romanticism and sophistication to this special day in your life. Moreover, these styles are beautiful and can also be done on other types and lengths of hair.

Another way of adding a personal touch is using subtle braids or floral accessories. Such details will gracefully highlight features of your face and improve the general style of your outfit making you absolutely amazing when walking down the aisle

Are you ready to get that perfect balance between loveliness and individuality in your wedding day hairdo? Let us make sure every single strand is in its place when you pronounce ‘I do’.

1. Side-Swept Retro Waves

A hairstyle that embodies old-style glamour but with a new twist. It has large curls that are elegantly brushed to one side, giving it a traditional look that is typical of early Hollywood.

It is perfect for an elegant wedding where you want to radiate romance and show off statement earrings or a veil.

2. Messy Side Braid with a Modern Twist

This style combines the simplicity of offside braiding and the messiness that goes with it, which works well for any bride who wants to stand out from her peers in a unique manner.

Some twisted strands can be added on top of your braid or even some tiny beads running through it thereby making your whole outfit look lovely unlike anything else out there.

3. Upstyle with Pin Curls and Waves

This updo style is done by arranging soft pin curls and waves so as to get an elegant texture.

It does not matter what kind of wedding gown you are wearing whether modern or classic since this one will still make it voluminous when put on medium hair length.

4. Wavy Half-Updo Adorned with a Crystal Comb

When seeking something romantic, this hairstyle possesses gentle waves pinned back into a half-updo using crystals as fasteners.

The face becomes noticeable while its looks for medium-length hair bring glamor without very much effort.

5. Sleek Bob with a Tiara for Elegance

If you have a short sleek bob cut at your disposal adding a tiara immediately transforms everything into regal elegance.

Since the simplicity of bobbing makes tiaras conspicuous in these cases then this style will always remain classy and eternal

6. Relaxed Curly Bun with Loose Tendrils

It involves loose curls that are brought together gently into a bun at the back bottom part of your neck which gives its wearer an elegant appearance.

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The soft curly tendrils make the whole look softened hence adding a touch of playfulness to it.

7. Contemporary Wedding Bob with Waves

This is a modern bride’s take on the bob look, which has soft waves that add vibrance to the age-old ancient style.

The ideal aesthetic for brides who want a trendy yet easy-to-maintain look.

8. Stylishly Rolled Up Hairdo

The hairstyle oozes sophistication with a high bun at the nape of the neck where the hair is properly rolled and tucked.

It is versatile and goes well with both high-necked and backless gowns, which makes it a preferred choice for brides looking to add some elegance to their ensemble.

9. Relaxed Low Ponytail Tied with Ribbons

A perfect look for an easygoing yet trendy appearance, this low ponytail is softened by stray strands and decorated with different colored ribbons that can be matched to the themes of a wedding.

It’s also a pleasant option for traditional or contemporary weddings.

10. Sculptured Chignon

This sculptured chignon need not only be confined for brides but also ideal for bridesmaids and guests who want to look polished and refined in formal wear.

11. Glamorous Full Curls

These are rich curly hair with lots of volume that give the bride’s looks life thus suitable styles for people who prefer classic though daring hairstyles.

12. Waterfall Braid with Soft Waves

The manner in which the waterfall braid is intertwined with soft flowy waves is magnificent, and it creates a sense of fluidity and gracefulness when viewed on the head.

This hairdo has a gentle stream running through it in the form of a braid which then blends well with the air-filled waves that frame the face falling loosely onto the shoulders.

13. Additional Flowers in Fishtail Braid

Besides enhancing fishtail braids, flowers are added directly into these types of traditional braids to give them a more natural look.

They add color and nature to the plait making it an exquisite piece for outdoor weddings, gardens, and bohemian-themed weddings.

14. French Twist for Medium Length Hair

A modern version of the traditional French twist that is appropriate for medium-sized hair. Hence, creating an updo that gives room for several kinds of bridal accessories.

The twist is smooth as well as polished thus keeping hair away from the face while twisting it upwards from the back side of the head therefore resulting in an elegant silhouette.

15. Classic Curls Adorned With Pearl Barrettes

These tender spirals are made fancier by using pearl barrettes which adds elegance to any wedding theme as they blend easily.

16. Side-Pinned Layered Waves

This hairstyle has textured, thick waves pinned to one side, which results in a cool asymmetry that is both fashionable and practical.

17. Refined Sleek Ponytail

This sleek ponytail represents modern minimalism and matches well with contemporary bridal outfits hence giving a clean finish that speaks volumes.

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18. Bridal Twisted Halo Braid

This delightful hairdo contains a plait that revolves around the head resembling the halo thus providing more of an angelic or heavenly appearance.

The braid is twisted skillfully in such a way that it looks complex and rich, and is suitable for a fairytale wedding. For instance, this style suits a bride who wants to look like a princess on her big day.

19. Sophisticated Side-Swept Curls

The hairstyle reflects elegance as its large curly locks stand symmetrically to one side. This can go well with any simple or luxurious wedding dress depending on the choice of the couple.

Such brides are looking for sophistication but still want their appearance to appear romantic with curls framing my face gently and falling over one shoulder.

20. Bohemian Waves and Braids

This style combines carefree waves loosened up with gentle braids creating boho chic as an option for outdoor weddings held in rustic places or at beaches.

It’s an easygoing yet modish approach representing laidback elegance and trendiness which would be perfect for those brides who love a natural look without much effort.

21. Timeless Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Such styles never get old-fashioned and this one comprises soft half-up-do combined with loose waves or ringlets.

The upper part of the hair is pulled back slightly before being tied whereas the other section follows down behind causing a romantic elegant form from the backside.

22. Delicate Curls with Floral Decorations

Adorned with carefully placed floral decorations as well as gentle curls, this hairstyle is perfect for adding a natural touch to bridal looks.

It works especially well when paired with a flower-themed wedding or one taking place in spring.

23. Stylish Low Bun for Medium Hair

This sleek low bun has a clean, polished look that draws attention to the face and dress of the bride. It is also stylishly practical.

Add some decorative pins or nature-grown flowers as they can be changed easily into various adornments.

24. Tousled Romantic Updo

For instance, this updo provides a soft romantic look created by tousling which gives off an air of being effortlessly chic.

It’s great for creating an ethereal and laid-back atmosphere making it particularly suitable for lighter, flowing wedding gowns.

25. Braided Crown for a Wedding

Representing royalty, this braided hairstyle forms around the head making one look noble and classy just like what would be expected from its name suggests.

Besides, small blooms or gems may interlace every braid thereby enhancing the ceremonial mood in general.

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