23 Best Feathered Bangs Hairstyles Right Now

The glamorous seventies style of feathered bangs is back in vogue, a confirmation that what has been can never truly fade away but only change.

This dynamic haircut features soft and light layers, which frame the face so beautifully making it both versatile and fun for the wearer. With a slight shift or a dramatic overhaul, it will be easy to look fresh by just having feathered bangs.

In today’s fashion world, these feathered bangs have been adapted to meet modern trends seamlessly making them suitable for every kind of hair, whether long or short, smooth or curly.

They can soften strong facial features, enhance your natural bone structure, and add volume to finer hair types. Additionally, this hairstyle works well in different settings from office environments to casual outings thus giving an overall polished yet relaxed look.

This exhaustive guide is going to take you through the 23 most popular looks with feathers falling over the forehead that are currently appreciated by fashion-mongers.

Each one of these styles offers a unique way for you as an individual to make this timeless appearance yours without being too loud or understated.

Long flowing locks on one side with sleek bobs on another one while pixie cuts on the third side – these are just some of the many ways through which you can enjoy having feathered bangs according to your own taste and wishes.

Wait until you see how various interpretations of this classic trend will change your overall outlook making heads turn wherever you go.

1. Charming Short Feathered Bangs

These bangs are perfect for those who like a fun yet sophisticated look and can be used with any hair texture or style.

This hairstyle adds softness to the front by layering it lightly, as a result of which it becomes light and airy and can be used both for casual and special events. For small facial features, this brings out the eyes in a balanced way.

2. Pixie Cut with Feathered Bangs

The shaggy pixie cut is best suited for anyone searching for an audacious careless look. The combination of shaggy pixie cuts with feathered bangs creates more texture and volume in your hair.

This modernized version of the normative pixie cut is stylish while maintaining its originality and carefreedom making it low maintenance hence perfect for active lives.

3. Retro 90s Feathered Bangs

Inspired by the voluminous styles of the 1990s, these feathered bangs add a nostalgic touch to the modern edge.

It is designed for people with medium to long hair since layers are done above their faces but the crown has much bulkiness due to layered styling. It goes well either with elegant or casual dress codes that are perfect for different social events.

4. Fine Hair Textured Bob with Bangs

This particular style is ideal if you have thinning or fine hair because they come in textured cuts whose feathered fringes make hair look more voluminous than it actually appears to be otherwise.

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Precise layering around the fringe helps accentuate your face thus giving an illusion of fullness thereby sharpening facial characteristics.

5. Layered Cut with Feathered Bangs

Those who want their long-flowing hairstyles to have a romantic and whimsical look can combine feathered layers with bangs.

The layers will make the hair appear to have depth while the feathered bangs would soften everything. In terms of styling, this style gives those who need a touch of elegance in their everyday look some versatility.

6. Unique Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs

This is an eccentric style of feathering that gives up-to-date looks. It’s best for individuals having oval or long faces since it adds dimension to the facial structure by creating angles on it.

For people who are fashion-conscious, this asymmetry can be personalized according to what one prefers making it one of the most sought-after styles.

7. Side-Swept Bob with Feathered Bangs

A timeless combination of elegance and simplicity is the use of a side-swept bob with feathers. They use similar techniques to form the feathers and bob which make them even more beautiful together and outline your face perfectly well.

This allows you to switch from daytime to nighttime events hence a good choice for manageable hair style between these two periods.

8. Elegant Feathered Bangs for Mature Blonde Hair

Older women preferred this style in order to appear softer and younger-looking. The feathered bangs look great on blond hair because they enhance the natural shade and texture of hair making it ideal when you want to look sophisticated without a lot of styling.

9. Delicate Feathered Bangs for Thin Hair

For fine hair, the delicate frame around the face is created by these thin feathered bangs.

Through light feathering, the hair becomes more textured and voluminous hence appearing thicker and livelier. It is perfect for enhancing the eyes, also it can balance proportions.

10. Full Bob with Feathered Fringe

A modern twist has been put to this bob cut by adding a voluminous feathered fringe. The side-swept fringe draws attention toward the face while the overall volume of the bob gives an elegant symmetrical appearance.

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It is perfect for those who would like an easy chic hairstyle that will also work well in an office or social gathering situation.

11. Flowing Long Hair with Feathered Bangs

Long layered hairstyles are easily softened by long feathers starting at brow level onwards which really creates a tremendous flow throughout long locks.

This pattern suits best people who love free-moving long strands as it provides a stylish but unobtrusive border around their faces.

12. Feathered Fringe on Medium-Length Hair

Feathering on mid-length hair helps to make it lighter rather than having an overwhelming impact on facial looks. This style brings character to simple cuts thereby bringing out the natural texture and shape of your mane.

13. Classic 70s Feathered Bangs

Bold, fullness-creating feathered bangs define 70’s style best of all, reminiscent of those times.

This is all about making a statement through thick lush layers framing the face and adding some drama to any haircut. It works perfectly for someone looking for a retro-inspired outlook.

14. Bold 80s Inspired Feathered Bangs

Have all the excesses of the 1980s with these feathered bangs that are dramatic. They have high volume and different layers that make them appear bold and very attractive.

Therefore, those who want a touch of nostalgia in their looks should use this style.

15. Short Cut with Full Feathered Fringe

It’s an edgy modern look that combines full fringe with feathering techniques. It is particularly good for bringing attention to the eyes as well as for creating a dimensional quality in shorter haircuts.

16. Chic Feathered Side Bangs

This means that the side bangs can be styled differently according to the occasion. They also give a person a flattering versatile appearance when they are feathered.

These bangs could be worn casually or sleekly depending on one’s preference, thus they will never fail your style.

17. Easy-Care Long Hair with Feathered Bangs

For those who want stylish-looking hair without much hassle, these are great choices of bangs to go for. These bangs blend naturally into long hair due to the feathering technique, hence making them beautiful and easy to handle.

18. Modern Feathered Curtain Bangs

They offer fresh and trendy updates on classic styles since they frame the face gently plus could suit many different hairstyles and face shapes.

19. Soft-Feathered Bangs on Short Pixie for Older Women

This is because it is practical like one but also includes light feathering at its front. Therefore it becomes an ideal choice for old women who want manageable yet fashionable hairstyles.

20. Finest Side-Swept Feathered Bangs

These elegant side-swept bangs are softly feathered so they add sophistication as well as versatility in appearance for people who wear them along with other things too such as special occasions.

They define the face naturally and they are very easy to maintain for everyday use.

21. Textured Choppy Hair with Feathered Bangs

If you like your hair with more texture, then choppy hair and feather-cut bangs are the best for you. This style is ideal for creating a daring contemporary look that makes one stand out.

22. Medium Cut with Gentle Feathered Bangs

A soft feathered fringe on medium-length hair is very balanced and attractive. The fringing adds a delicate yet fragile touch to the whole style making it both appropriate for unofficial and official occasions.

23. Bohemian Fringe on Wavy Hair

The natural texture of wavy hair can be brought out by a cascading fringe whereas a windblown or bohemian look will be achieved through a feathered fringe.

It’s good at increasing the volume and shape of the naturally curly or wavy hair type thus very complementary.

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