24 Stunning Shaggy Bob Haircuts: Your Go-To Styles for This Year

Are you ready to embrace a style that is both timeless and super trendy? A shaggy bob cut will be an absolute hit for you, bringing together classic allure with a modern edge and transforming your look in no time.

This haircut works well with different hair textures and lengths, adding volume and movement. In this exhaustive post, we shall cover 24 stunning shaggy bob haircuts currently dominating the fashion world.

Each of these go-to looks has been carefully chosen to inspire your next hair change offering something for everyone’s taste and lifestyle demands.

Shaggy bob comes in a variety of styles like layered and tousled or sleek and choppy which can be modified to suit any face shape as well as enhance every type of hair.

If you want to make a dramatic change with an audacious cutting or just give yourself a subtle update using soft layers for romance purposes, there is a shaggy bob waiting out there just for you.

Besides being trendy these styles are also highly practical, easy to maintain and adaptability is their other name making them ideal for casual as well as formal events.

Then why wait? Explore our 24 stunning collections of shaggy Bob’s haircuts and find the one that suits your personality & lifestyle.

Get set to have people gazing at your fresh, stylish look that would easily make 2018 your most fashionable year yet!

1. Short Razor Cut With Curls and Bangs

A look combining a cutting-edge hairstyle of a razor cut and curly volume. The hairstyle finishes with short bangs meant to reduce the height of the forehead while appearing trendy.

This is an ideal cut for persons who want to add texture and flair to their style, especially on thicker hair where the use of a razor technique helps remove bulk and emphasize the curls.

2. Short Layered Shag With Baby Bangs

This is a modern version of the classic shag. It has short uneven layers that create a full textured effect. They also added baby bangs which bring out the boldness needed for this hairstyle.

It is perfect for those who want a simple yet fashionable look since it suits most face shapes and hair textures.

3. Flowy Shaggy Cut With Chunky Layers

Flowy shaggy cut represents all movement together with rough layers throughout giving the heavy and shaggy feel that looks chic in its messy appearance.

These layers are longer so that the hair flows naturally, but still remains voluminous in shape. This is an excellent option for people with medium to thick hair looking for a dynamic easy-to-style haircut.

4. Jaw-Length Haircut With Shaggy Bangs

It’s an amazing jaw-length cut, which boldly speaks through its sharp perimeter along with shags hanging on your forehead as well as temples haphazardly.

The edginess that comes with having these fringes makes such hairstyle suitable for someone whose faces take oval or square shapes. The effect overall appears edgy and contemporary enough hence fashionable people can be allowed in.

5. Fluffy Bob With Razored Layers

The bob was given soft razored layers which reduced weight by adding texture thus making it look fluffy and light.

The fine-haired ladies will find this style best suited to them because they will achieve some volume minus getting too much fullness.

6. Wavy Bixie With Face-Framing Layers

This hybrid style combines the bob and pixie cut, featuring tousled waves and short layers that frame the face. This cut suits all hair types.

It is a perfect choice for every woman who wants to have an easy-to-care and modern-styled feminine look.

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7. Tousled Hairstyle With Shorter Layers

This hairstyle has got shorter layers which add volume while helping in achieving a messy look like one who just woke up from bed.

A natural-looking fluffed touch can be created with little styling products for more well-defined textures desirable.

8. Copper Short Shag With Curtain Fringe

A vibrant copper-colored shag, it is fun as well as has curtain fringe nowadays which breaks around the eyes and cheeks gently.

The shag haircut provides many places for texture and movement, thus making this hairdo an exceptional choice to make.

9. Jagged Bob With Wispy Layers

A contemporary jagged bob that has wispy thin layers, giving a soft feather appearance to the hair.

This kind of style suits best fine-haired girls by creating an illusion of thickening and giving out some volume. They can go for such cuts when they want to produce elegant looks.

10. Neck-Length Layered Bob Cut

The short bob can be classic or adaptable, depending on the tastes of the wearer. It is designed in such a way that it has layers that are a source of shape and motion to all types of hair.

If you want to keep your hair straight, this hairstyle’s layers will help to bring out its texture more fully. Moreover, if you have waves, this haircut will look good with them too.

11. Shag Cut on Graduated Bob For Women Over 60

Created specifically for ladies over sixty, this haircut combines the jovial spirit of a shag and the clean chic of a graduated bob.

It includes layers that add height at the top and taper around giving it an edgy look which is suitable for old women who want to look good easily.

12. Choppy Short Hair With Shaggy Layers

This funky modern cut has choppy short hair with active shaggy layering for a daring, rough finish. Ideal for someone looking to make a statement with their short hair, different hair types will appreciate its voluminous effects and flow.

13. Soft Fringy Bits With Textured Ends

A delicate and delicate hairstyle that gently grazes the face by using fringy bits along with textured ends to give out an updated style. This is perfect if you are looking for something subtle yet playful and textural as well.

14. Wispy Ends for Women Over 70

A hairstyle designed especially for women above seventy incorporating soft wisps towards the ends of defined lines that break up any harshness whilst retaining lightness and texture.

Also, it’s great because you can always appear natural without too much styling needed to sing in public or perform in church choirs.

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15. Blonde Bob With Layers and Curtain Bangs

Classic bob with multi-tonal blonde highlights throughout creates depth while also having movement with layers all through it while curtain bangs frame the face making it look classy and hence flattering too.

Thus being ideal when one wants to lighten their looks by getting a fashionable but easy haircut.

16. Vivid Yellow Bob With Long Bangs

This striking bob comes in a vivid yellow shade paired up with long sweeping bangs across your forehead offering bolder fashion-forward statements in hairstyles.

Thus you will be guaranteed to stand out with this vibrant color pop and unique style if you want to have a memorable hairstyle.

17. Colorful Shaggy Undercut Bob

This is a vibrant, colorful shaggy undercut bob that has one side of its hair cut in an undercut with the other side being styled as a shaggy bob.

A fun mix of colors and textures makes this perfect for those who are daring enough to be different.

18. Short Textured Shag With Middle Part Bangs

A modern spin on the classic, long-layered shag, abbreviated shags provide volume and movement by putting short layers into it.

For example, middle part bangs make it appear more elegant and balanced so to speak which makes it excellent for those searching for smart and manageable hairstyles.

19. Choppy Shagged Out Bob

It’s all about texture and edge with this look. Choppy layers create a disjointed disheveled look that is still chic enough while being effortless enough for the everyday woman to wear without having to worry about maintenance or anything else.

20. The Shag Bob With Layers and Choppy Ends

A mixture of the shag and bob styles. It consists of layers all over the head including choppy ends that improve its texture as well as volume levels. If left untouched hence easy-going appearances may be associated with this haircut sometimes because you can match it up for any occasion or outfit you put on.

21. Short Blonde Shag With Light Blond Money Piece

This short blonde shag has a lighter blonde “money piece” near the face, which brightens up the whole look and attracts attention to the face.

It is an on-trend, stylish choice for those wanting to add a subtle but impactful contrast in color to their hair.

22. Shaggy Copper Bob

A copper bob into a shaggy style, which emphasizes adding texture and movement that a shag cut can bring. It’s perfect for illustrating how dramatically one’s appearance can be altered through getting a great haircut.

23. Soft Bob With Fringe

A gentle and sophisticated bob with a soft fringe that falls across the forehead creates an aura of mystery and sophistication.

This hairstyle is ideal for individuals who want to have both traditional outlooks as well as having modern twists befitting both professional, as well as casual occasions.

24. Lived-In Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle gives off natural lived-in vibes with soft curtain bangs framing effortlessly to provide that relaxed yet stylish look for you, making it an excellent option if you are looking for an easy-to-maintain fashionable haircut that looks great without much effort put into it.

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