28 Adorable Wavy Pixie Cuts That Are Currently Trending

Our inclusion of 28 incredible pixie hairstyles especially for wavy hair depicts a perfect mix of glamour and punk. Whether you want to embrace your natural curls with confidence or desire to produce a chic look, our list has something for all women.

From flirty crops with springy waves to daring cuts featuring uneven turns, every hairstyle gives you an exclusive opportunity to make a statement and raise your fashion bar. As we take you through the world of pixie haircuts for wavy hair—its flexibility and attractiveness—you will get ready to have new ideas before you visit your stylist!

1: Chic Short Pixie

Chic short pixie, where elegance and sophistication meet. This is a classic cut for anyone who wants to have a hairdo that speaks of style and confidence. The soft curls provide some femininity, while deft cutting techniques ensure the hairstyle maintains its flattering shape throughout.

Whether you are going to a formal occasion or just trying to raise your normal game, be certain that this chic short pixie will attract attention and keep people talking.

2: Playful Short Crop

The adorable little pixie haircut with its playful look is here to show us how beautiful the natural curls can be. At the top it adds volume and texture while keeping the sideburns cropped very close, either tapering them or layering them for more volume.

By using appropriate styling products, one can easily define their curls creating a chic yet carefree look. For anybody who would like to leave their hair in curls, as they do their errands or head out at night; then there is no better alternative than a playful short crop pixie.

3: Effortlessly Tousled Pixie

Bring out your inner bohemian with this effortlessly tousled pixie hairstyle. Featuring soft shaggy sides and back that make her look feminine and cute; this bouncy style has been crafted with razor cuts for an edgier look on modern girls.

We created textured channels with our razors so that they had some depth as well as movement which makes it easy for low-maintenance girls too busy with life’s other things like kids! When going to music festivals or hanging out with friends during weekends, this messy-styled hair will come off very well while exuding your personal preferences.

4: Bold And Sassy Pixie

Make a fashion statement by having bold sassy waves in your medium-length bob. This trendy hairdo is designed for ladies who love their curly tresses and natural texture. You can achieve a look that is not only trendy but also youthful with the right styling techniques for any given event. Rocking the office or shaking it off at the discotheque? This piece will turn heads and single you out among many.

5: Timeless Wavy Pixie

Picture yourself as one of those iconic Hollywood stars who lived their lives in a timeless wavy pixie haircut. The elegance of this classic hairstyle is enhanced by soft curls, which add romance and allure to it.

By letting some hair strands be slightly longer on the sides, you will be able to frame your face better and put more emphasis on your eyes for an enchanting gaze. A timeless wavy pixie is a choice for someone who wants to have an old-time movie star look, but with a modern twist while going about things casually.

6: Cute Wavy Pixie With Side Bangs

A cute wavy pixie hairstyle with side bangs adds charm to any woman’s looks so she could appear even more romantic than usual. Apart from creating such beautiful waves naturally, this look can flatter your facial features if you part your hair dramatically on one side, revealing its sparkling curls just around that area.

By adding highlights of blondes and browns, these colors help create depth and dimension within locks making them stand out brighter from their bases! Whenever you think about brunches or heading down to a beach then consider wearing cute wavy pixie because you are confident every step of the way. Pixie Cuts That Are Currently Trending

7: Versatile Wavy Pixie Bob

The versatile wavy pixie bob is a haircut for people who want on-trend and manageable hair. This chic hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between a pixie and a bob, making it short enough to be stylish yet long enough to be versatile.

Curtain bangs will beautifully frame your face while keeping you updated with the latest trends. Whether you are going to work or spending the night out in town, the versatile wavy pixie bob is right for those who need a hairstyle that can do it all.

8: Bold Androgynous Pixie Cut

For those who desire to defy traditional beauty standards, they go for the bold androgynous pixie cuts which are just perfect statements. This daring style has gentle waves on top with shaved sides giving it an audacious appeal.

By using a large barrel curling wand, give your locks texture and volume that makes them stand out boldly in any crowd. It’s going to make every lady feel powerful and unstoppable whether she wears it on runways or strolls around town.

9: Elegant Short Wavy Pixie Haircut

The elegant short wavy pixie haircut is designed specifically for mature women who seek sophistication and style from their hairstyles. Another way of adding fullness while making them seem thicker involves incorporating balayage highlights into your tresses.

You could achieve any easy, flattering look with light texturing and the right styling aids products. For anyone heading out for a ball or just hanging out with friends at night, the elegant short wavy pixie could be an excellent option if she wants to look good irrespective of age.

10: Carefree Pixie Hairstyle For Natural Waves

The carefree pixie hairstyle appeals most especially when it comes to people seeking a look that is both easy and stylish. If you opt for a wavier pixie with softness around the ears, you will get that chilled-out and free-spirited look that best suits those people who are always on the go.

With volumizing products and root boosters, for instance, it’s possible to keep your hair looking full of life throughout the day. People running errands or basking at the beach should consider this carefree pixie hairstyle because it’s the ultimate style to be worn anywhere without taking much of your time.

11: Stylish Undercut Pixie Cut For Older Women

The undercut is one of the most trending hairstyles trending today, especially among older women who would like something trendy but sophisticated as well. The edges are kept shaved close to give the bold and daring look that will make her noticeable in any crowd.

Mohawk shape long and wide creates height and drama with this being just another accessory where your outfit becomes complete after wearing this cute hairstyle. It’s going to make every lady feel empowered and unstoppable whether she wears it on runways or strolls around town.

12: Chic Layered Pixie For Wavy Hair

Upgrade your look with the stylish layered pixie haircut, which suits medium to thick wavy hair types and is trendy yet easy to manage. By going for a deep side part, you can get a sleek and contemporary look that’s good for any event.

Ensure regular salon visits are done alongside using the right styling products to maintain fresh and stylish locks throughout the year. The chic layered pixie is ideal when you go out to the office or spend an evening in town because it represents a combination of up-to-date trends with everlasting classical style.

13: Youthful Wavy Pixie for Women Over 60

Get back your youthful look as well as make a fashion statement by wearing a young wavy pixie cut, suitable for women over sixty years old who would like their haircuts wild and modern.

Creating more volume around the crown area and keeping them short near the ears will give you that air of youthfulness needed at any age so that every woman can better embrace her natural beauty. If you want to attend family gatherings or just have fun with friends, this hairstyle will make you feel confident.

14: Sophisticated Blonde Wavy Pixie

Exude sophistication as well as classiness through this sophisticated blonde wavy pixie cut aimed at people looking for hairstyles that are both glamorous and tasteful. Allowing one side of your hair to fall behind one ear can afford an adorable appearance good enough for all occasions on earth.

Also, apply heat protection serums on it to keep waves looking shiny and healthy throughout the day. This particular sophisticated blond wavy pixie style is suitable whether attending wedding parties or enjoying nightlife events.

15: Bold Tapered Pixie for Wavy Hair

Make an impression with this bold tapered pixie haircut meant for bold individuals having curly hair who desire fashionable styles that stand out on their heads! To achieve such looks as these, pull the hair from its middle forward, which will make it appear rebellious.

For a flattering look with versatility at the same time go for soft waves and hair that falls naturally. Nevertheless, a rebellious pixie would be perfect when you are going to a concert or spending an evening out with friends.

16: Feminine Messy Long Pixie

Get feminine with this messy long pixie cut, suitable for girls who appreciate fashion trends but need something more relaxed and playful. By letting loose curls and texture become your reality, you will have achieved looks that are not too uptight while still maintaining long hair.

Applying some curl potion on them and diffusing them makes them remain bouncy all day without becoming frizzed out. You can wear such styles as these while doing errands or when taking strolls in the park since they never fail to exude elegance and simplicity at the same time.

17: Timeless Short Wavy Pixie for Older Women

Older women who want a sophisticated but contemporary hairstyle should try timeless short wavy pixie haircuts. It looks nice on anyone especially when you add light texturizing and use the right styling products which make it flattering and easy to maintain if you have other things to worry about at this time of your life. No matter whether you go out somewhere socially important or stay at home, this hairdo will always remain ageless and eternal.

18: Creative Edgy Pixie Hairstyle

The creative edgy pixie cut is particularly recommended for those looking for an audacious hairstyle. You can achieve this by choosing asymmetry and disconnection that will give an original and eye-catching look that makes people spot you from the crowd.

The soft waves adorning your head in their natural fall make the style fashionable as well as versatile enough to suit any occasion one may think of attending such as a fashion show or night out with friends thus boosting self-confidence.

19: Effortless Pixie Cut for Thick, Wavy Hair

Effortlessness is pretty much what you get with an effortless pixie cut if you have thick wavy hair that needs something chic yet easily maintainable. The look will flatter everyone, especially through close cutting around the back & sides plus fringe around brows making it versatile enough for all occasions.

You can make a stylish and modern look by adding a textured finish which can be worn whenever you want since it’s an ageless style. The effortless pixie cut is perfect for the business meeting you are going to or a night out with friends for those looking for an easy yet trendy pixie hairdo.

20: Flattering Pixie Hairstyle for Women Over 30

Boost your traits with charming pixie haircuts that are useful to women over 30 who want their hair to look both sleek and fashionable. Create a look that suits you best, enhances your texture keeps you looking good at any time through a cut, and complements your face features.

The inclusion of a streak of color in your hair can be used to create an edgy modern look ideal for people who would like others to notice the type of hairstyle they have. When attending formal events or simply having fun with pals, this flattering pixie hairstyle will always make you feel comfortable.

21: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for a Round Face

By going for the asymmetrical haircut, specifically tailored for women who have round faces and desire something lovely and chic. This asymmetry combined with length preservation in front results in a slimming effect on one’s visage besides making them cool among friends.

With soft waves and natural drop-off, it makes a casual but elegant appearance that may suit almost any occasion. If going out or even taking part in wedding ceremonies, such kind of pixie cut is likely to make someone look confident and forceful.

22: Youthful Wavy Pixie for Women Over 70

For ladies aged more than seventy years old, this fashion has been designed by subsequent trends called youthful wavy pixie haircut that gives them a feeling of being young while still having trendy hairstyles. By increasing the volume on top together with keeping length around the bottom parts of the ears, one obtains a lively style that brings out natural beauty at any age.

Also, soft waves with natural falls add elegance without much effort thus being perfect for all types of occasions too. Being present at family reunions or involving oneself in day outings – everything becomes possible due to youth wavy pixie.

23: Trendy Long Wavy Pixie

Keep up with the times by having this trendy long wavy pixie haircut which appeals to those who wish to look both stylish and modern. The best way to make these haircuts work for you is by maintaining the length of the crown, keeping the front side of it longer, and making hemlines shorter around your face.

Also, soft layers have been created at the edges to give an effortless look that has been trending for a while. If you are thinking of attending a music gala or just hanging out with friends, this haircut will make you feel confident and powerful.

24: Thin, Wavy Hair Needs a Textured Pixie Style

Those who would want both chic and useful hairdo can go for the textured pixie hairstyle that makes thin wavy hair look like it is thicker and has more texture. By going for a shortcut around the back and sides with bangs kept just above the eyes, one will have a versatile yet flattering appearance suitable for any occasion.

Adding texture to your style gives you a modern quick option if you need to look stunning without much effort on styling. The textured pixie will make your head feel fashionable even as you walk into a business meeting or meet friends in town.

25: A Simple Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

The effortless low-maintenance pixie haircut is designed to minimize styling time while still looking chic. By having curly hair and customizing your cut based on personal preference, you can achieve flattering results which are easy to maintain especially for busy people.

Personalized styling techniques incorporated allow the making of an effect that is not only contemporary but also minimalistic therefore very suitable for individuals in need of manageable trendy hairstyles. If you are planning to go to the gym or simply lie down at the beach, then this haircut is what you should consider.

26: Short Wavy Pixie Haircut Style

This stylish short wavy pixie cut will let others know that you are different from everyone else but in a good way as it helps create different looks depending on how it is styled within seconds.

When opting for close cutting at the back & sides with extra length on top & crown area, there lies an assurance of a complimenting mix of beauty and trendiness that may be worn irrespective of any event demanded by fashion enthusiasts today.

With soft waves and natural falling texture added this style appears simple yet elegant since it gives women who prefer practicality over fashion sense something nice-looking about their heads too! You will feel confident and empowered whenever you go to business meetings or when hanging out with friends for a night knowing that your stylish short wavy pixie haircut is an impressive feature.

27: Multicolored Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie Haircut

The vibrant asymmetrical wavy pixie haircut allows one to show off their personality through a hairstyle that is daring and expressive. By getting the right cut that suits your preference and fine-tuning the ends for a more appealing shape, you will achieve unique looks for various events in life.

Personalized styling techniques and products can make your hair look lively as well as active so it reflects who you are. Wherever you go, whether it’s to attend a music festival or simply spend some time with friends on a sunlit day, the vibrant asymmetrical wavy pixie always makes a statement.

28: Elegant Longer Pixie Hairstyles for Over 50 Years Old Women

Make your appearance better through the longer pixie haircut which is elegant and suitable for women over 50 who would want a hairstyle that is fashionable as well as mature. The desired look may be achieved if you decide to go for soft layers at the ends that will make it easier for you to style your hair.

This look can be styled in many ways thus making it perfect for any occasion and flattering on anyone. By adding personal touches with styling techniques and products, this look can be made unique to match individual preferences and styles of dressing. No matter whether you are going out or attending a party, an elegant long pixie cut could make you feel smart and bright.

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