24 Best Medium Wavy Hairstyles Of The Year

From effortless beach waves to glamorous red carpet curls, medium-length hair provides countless opportunities to embrace the beauty of natural texture. If you are after a casual everyday look or a sophisticated style for an occasion then these beautiful hairstyles have got something for every taste and preference.

1. Wavy Golden Locs for Thick Hair

Surrender to the luxurious charm of golden wavy locs, a bewitching hairstyle that adds richness and depth to thick hair. This beautiful look includes alternating waves that tumble gracefully over your shoulders, giving an enthralling effect that speaks of gracefulness and classiness.

These juicy waves fit square, round, or oval faces by adding effortless charm to your features thereby enhancing your beauty in all your moves whether styled with loose curls or sleek waves this versatile style allows infinite scope for a personal fashion statement. To add some bohemian touch and individuality elevate your look with a few accent braids.

2. Asymmetrical Cranberry

Make a confident statement wearing asymmetrical cranberry waves which will bring some French-inspired allure into your image. The remarkable look is created by lush waves cascading gently around the face making the romantic, gentle look ideal not only for diamond-shaped but also oval-shaped faces.

For the ultimate French wave style lightly brush out the curl using a paddle brush leaving it untidy and creating a soft tousle effect displaying unassuming attraction and magic. No matter if you wear it loose or pinned up these wonderful curves will make everyone go crazy about them so feel free to choose them while visiting party events.

3. Relaxed S-Wave

Enjoy the simple beauty of relaxed S-waves; these timeless styles say so much about finesse and sophistication even when people do not say a word. This relaxed S-wave style is the perfect balance between casual chic and sophisticated glamour, making it ideal for different occasions. The mismatched waves give you an individual touch and charm to your appearance as well as make it look soft and natural and at the same time versatile and becoming.

Thick, medium, or fine hair counts in this relaxed S-wave style since it can be tailored to fit any texture or preference. For those that have thicker locks, request your hairstylist to jettison some internal bulk resulting in a more delicate feminine look; however, if you have finer or thinner hair opt for a one-length lob with limited layers that will ensure fullness throughout your strands.

4. Medium Brunette with French Curtain Bangs

Rework your messy wavy textured cut, a unique and unpredictable style that adds volume and movement to your tresses. This medium-length style is just right for those who want to make a statement with their hair and have the confidence and courage to do so.

It’s all about creating an impression of a rough, tousled look, while feather-like strands of hair smooth your face lines. Match this with a lighter brunette shade for an effortless and natural look that speaks volumes of timeless grace and elegance. Loose or styled into sleek waves, these beautiful curtain bangs are sure to take you up a notch.

5: Red Wavy Hair with Choppy Ends

Reinvent yourself with choppy ends adorning red wavy hair that moves with life and energy in it. A person who needs something different from others but at the same time wants to be remembered should never overlook this medium-length cut. The edgy feel is introduced by the choppy ends whereas the wispy soft bangs give a very gentle frame on the face.

To add depth as well as dimension to your locks making them truly spectacular choose rich copper-red highlights that ensure all eyes are on you wherever you go. Either worn down or made into disheveled waves, this red wavy hair with choppy ends will ensure that everyone remembers me.

6: Shoulder-Length Hair with Face Frame

Have an exquisite look featuring shoulder-length hair offering a face-framing frame that can be used to improve one’s looks based on her attractiveness naturally? No occasion can make one want some moderate-length hair more than this classic haircut does!

The softest framing strands around your face bring attention to some aspects of beauty and add extra dimensionality to your appearance. Whether it is straightened or put into light curls, it makes any woman attractive at any place she goes.

7: Shaggy Wavy Long Bob

A shaggy wavy long bob provides a careless and easy hairstyle of a bohemian beauty. Razor-sharp shaggy layers contribute to natural curliness and volume that are so good for those who prefer low-maintenance hair with lots of style. Your cheekbones get emphasized by face-framing layers whereas middle parting adds some boho chic to the whole look. This shaggy wavy long bob can either be let down or styled into windswept waves, giving you the impression of being completely free.

8: Messy Wavy Textured Cut

This piece is for those who want to embrace their natural texture, with a messy wavy textured cut, and a playful and carefree hairdo that makes them more attractive. A medium-length cut that has messily waved tousled waves and natural frizz allowing your locks to have lots of volume and also movement giving you the appearance of an uncombed look suitable for low-maintenance individuals but full of character.

The textured layers on this hairstyle enhance its natural wave and volume while the choppy ends give it some attitude. With loose or messy waves like this wavy textured cut, you will stand out among others hence showing your uniqueness in fashion.

9: Wavy Angled Lob Style

A wavy angled lob style may be all you need to add sophistication to your look; this is simply a classy fashionable hairstyle. This medium-length cut has angled layers that create movement as well as depth, while the wavy texture gives body and softness to your hair.

These face-framing layers highlight cheekbones and jaw lines making them more beautiful by defining their outline with such a flattering frame. Either straightened sleekly or made into tousled waves, this wavy-angled lob style guarantees that you will always feel fantastic wherever you go.

10: Copper Red Waves That Are Vibrant & Elegant

Incredible and cultured, copper red hair waves are not only a fancy hairstyle but also one that adds warmth and depth to your hair. They comprise medium curls that look great with most skin tones, giving you a sense of vibrancy in your entire appearance.

The soft tumbling curls will make your hair move along with all the natural beauty it has and will add some glamor for a perfect look. If you wish to flaunt them in an effortless style or wear them sleekly curled down, copper red waves can bring about a very big difference wherever it is they go with you. This particular hairdo is timeless and explains why you should be bold enough to try it.

11: Side-Swept Bangs A-Line Cut

A-line cut with side-swept bangs is the way to go if you want to create an impact, which looks both chic and modern at the same time. This mid-length haircut involves neat angles around the face and neck which makes the face appear more flattering as well as accentuates its shape.

The angles are clean but precise hence allowing for a little edginess while at the same time moving freely. You can rock this A-line cut on straightened tresses or wavy strands full of tousles which make you look every inch like a fashionista indeed.

12: Blonde Textured Waves That Are Relaxed

Blonde relaxed textured waves are associated with laid-back style which portrays casual elegance mixed style. Casualness comes out from this shoulder-length hairstyle through the loose waves that create volume hence adding bounce to your tresses making them suitable for any day out there.

In general, blonde coloring gives your image some lightness along with warmth while wave texture makes it deeper and thicker instead of being just plain blondeness of fine locks or beachy ones no matter how naturally created they appear.

13: Soft Curls of Wavy Hair

The curly hair that is soft wavy curls will look great on your face giving a touch of elegance and romanticism. You can achieve this by shaping your medium-length hair into smooth, falling waves to make you have a glossy look suitable for any wedding, party, or even any other special event in your life.

Additionally, those delicate curls frame the face and emphasize the important facial features so it is beautiful as well as elegant at large. For example, these graceful wavelets may be covered up loosely or transformed into a lavish knot on your head if you are getting married.

14: Beachy Waves Blonde Like Barbie

Barbie blonde beach waves are there to remind us of some summer vacation time full of carefreeness and sun-kissed vibes. These shoulder-length tresses are all about messy waves that resemble the beach hair texture; therefore, guaranteeing an easy-going appearance either during relaxed moments spent at sea or when one has plans for an enjoyable evening outside home.

Such highlights like Barbie blonde contribute towards making these styles brighter and warmer so far as blond masses are concerned while their consistency makes them thicker than usual without being just simple fine strands or loose beaches created naturally.

15: See-through Fringe with Medium Waves

Add sweeping bangs to your hairdo, it is a modern and stylish hairstyle that projects self-assurance and elegance. This is a medium-length hairstyle with soft wavy locks which add body and movement to your hair thus creating a casual look appropriate for any occasion.

The thin see-through fringe adds glamour and interest giving the hairstyle a dramatic twist while also bordering your face hence accentuating its shape. In short, whether you wear them smooth or tousled these medium waves with see-through fringes will make you unique among many as well as attract attention wherever you go.

16: Shoulder-Length Jet Black Waves

Shoulder-length jet-black waves will immerse you into sophistication; a timeless and elegant hairstyle that is classy and confident. This medium-length haircut has straight, shiny hair cascading over the shoulders which helps to add depth to your locks.

Your overall look is given some mystery with a jet-black color that contrasts with your skin tone beautifully. From sleek and polished to loose curls, these shoulder-length waves will make a statement wherever you are. this is one of those hairstyles where you can walk into any situation feeling like a true lady.

17: Tousled Medium Cut with Choppy Layers

Effortless charm is the key with this tousled medium cut featuring choppy layers which are trendy and modern as they exude laid-back elegance and style. This medium-length haircut consists of tousled waves and choppy layers that add personality to your tresses, giving them a relaxed look suitable for every day.

The layers that are not even surround your face thereby highlighting your features giving it more volume and dimension in general. Whether slicked back or worn up on top of the head in different twists depending on the occasion, you will always achieve an effortless style effect when wearing this tousled medium cut.

18: Loose and Messy Curly Waves

Discover the beauty of loose and messy curly waves, a fun and flirty hairstyle that portrays playful charm as well as individuality. This medium-length hairstyle features loose curls which help to add movement to locks making it possible for people who want an easy-going appearance every day while running errands or doing their jobs at home.

With messy curls comes texture in addition to dimension leading to youthful looking vibrant hair color choices. These loose curly waves can be either left down or done up into untidy ponytails – whatever makes you feel comfortable for today’s adventures; but certainly, they won’t leave you indifferent, ladies!

19: Balayage Waves

Enhance your look with balayage waves, this is a trendy yet classy haircut that emanates contemporaneity and panache in one sweep. This is a medium-length hairstyle characterized by gentle curls cascading down the head thereby adding volume and motion to one’s tresses resulting in a romantic feminine outlook suitable for all occasions.

A balayage applied gives an illusion of depth to one’s hair making it look multidimensional although subtle at the same time. These waves can be styled sleekly or left loosely curled; however whichever way you choose to do your hair; it will be noticeable.

20: Middle-Parted Curled Waves

Go for middle-parted curled waves if you want something timeless, such classic hairstyles are known for their dignity and luxury. It’s important not to forget about us when we talk about such styles as this three-quarter length hairdo which has soft wavy tresses falling on your shoulders and framing your face hence bringing out more femininity and great for proms or weddings or any occasion like that.

Also, dividing the locks into two equal parts along with the presence of curled locks creates more volume as well as movement within them respectively. Now if you allow me I’ll move ahead but not without mentioning that these middle-parted curly waves will make you feel like a real movie star from Hollywood.

21: Vintage Waves

Experience the charm of ancient times with vintage waves; it’s such kind of haircuts that remind us of old-fashioned glitz and glamour. This medium-length hairstyle is also unique since its waved strands fall over the top to create softness or fullness to one’s head.

Subsequently, retro waves frame your face enhancing the beauty of your features and making you look timeless and stylish at all times. Retro waves are on-trend as well as can be worn either straightened or curly thus presenting a perfect example of a silver screen siren someone could tell just by looking at you.

22: Soft Golden Blonde Balayage

Go for soft golden blonde balayage if you want something brighter, such loveliness shines out giving warmth and life to this haircut. This is an average long hairstyle with gentle curls that make your tresses more voluminous and mobile, providing a tender romantic appearance for any special situation.

The blonde balayage highlights are there to give some depth to one’s hair producing a sun-kissed effect but at the same time quite delicate in nature. Smooth or curled up these soft golden blond balayage waves will make you feel like a goddess immediately spreading charm and self-poise around.

23: Sweeping Bangs

Let your look be characterized by long bangs, a trim, and a fashionable hairstyle that makes you appear mysterious and attractive. These bangs softly catch light around your face thereby enhancing the beauty of your other features and making you appear naturally good-looking.

The side sweep creates an impression of freshness and ease hence adding a youthful touch to the overall appearance of a person. Those sweeping bangs will command attention anywhere whether left glossy or rumpled into waves. Unleash your self-assuredness as a trendy individual with this smooth and sassy hair.

24: Vintage Bob

Recall times gone by wearing vintage bobs which are classic styles associated with sophistication and timelessness. This medium-sized hairdo is made up of neat, well-structured curls shaping around your face and emphasizing its features, for an evergreen look that can be worn on special occasions.

Going for a vintage bob would also give you that glamorous feel reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour in totality thus giving you that timeless look that will always attract attention wherever one goes. The vintage bob could be donned straightened or curled all around if need be, making you feel like a real Hollywood starlet who has attracted the gaze of everyone present around her.

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