17 Best Hairstyles That Flatter Long Faces

For those with long faces, it is important to select a haircut or hairstyle that flatters and creates proportion. Such faces are lengthy, often thin looking at the same time and less prominent on their cheekbones.
The trick here is to reduce the length of your face by means of bangs to make it appear more oval. Various hairstyles can be used depending on an individual’s facial features, like use of bangs and facial framing to offset a big forehead. I have chosen pictures showing women who want haircuts or hairstyles that suit long face shapes while maintaining balance with style.

#1: Wispy Bottleneck Fringe

This design works well with longer faces where more volume is added in order to create width using bottleneck fringe for thin light hair. To achieve this bottleneck effect, pinch together the top part of your hair then apply hairspray.

#2: Chocolate Side-Swept Bangs

Disrupt the lines of your profile with chocolate side swept bangs all along its length. Let them be large and soft as well as ensure they frame your face at least at the end so that you get a softer rounder look.

#3: Trendsetting Medium Shag

The medium shag hairstyle for oblong faces is effortless and easy to maintain due to frequent bang trims. For everyday styles I recommend Davines Texturizing Dust and Dry Texturizing Spray which help texturize the hair achieving casual lived-in appearances.

#4: Thick Curls at Shoulder-Length

Style thick waves into shoulder-length styles for long faces to give them some extra weight and breadth through blastoffs in one direction only while keeping longer layers at the ends gives a better sense of balance.

#5: Short Feathery Fringe on a Long Shag

Sporting short, feathery fringe in this case will go well with long shaggy hairstyle which will perfectly suit ladies who need balanced looks improving their self-esteem.

#6: Chic Layered Cut with Textured Bangs

A preferred choice for long faces would be long layered cut complete with textured bangs if you must know. Care should be taken when wearing fringes heavily if one’s forehead is narrow; let them bring about balance in your face.

#7: Italian Bob with Long Swoopy Bangs

An Italian bob with long, swoopy bangs is the perfect choice if you’re into a collarbone length style that is also glam and sexy. To maintain the shape, dry it with a brush instead of using straighteners.

#8: Long Flowing Curled Tresses

The long flowing curly tresses are the best for women with longer face shapes who want to feel feminine. For a polished look, apply light hairspray before curling ends away from your face.

#9: Vintage Bardot-Inspired Shag Cut

Consider going for a classic vintage Bardot-inspired shag cut with extra layers on your hair that can highlight your jaw and cheekbones. Use volume mousse and hot rollers for added lift and hold.

#10: Balayage with a Swoop Bang

A balayage with a swoop bang will work for this look which is both traditional and in fashion as well; alternatively choose between adding an off side bang or short face framing to give movement to your hair.

#11: Feathered Shag for Medium-Length Blonde Hair

Add some interest on medium length blonde hair by having a feathered shag done on it then blow dry it backwards to make it look bouncy at its back with the sides layered outwards so as to add width thereby balancing long features.

#12: Bronde Balayage on a Shoulder-Length Shag

Get dimension and warmth through bronde balayage on shoulder-length shag that includes softer layers and face-framing fringe making sure that every effect balances longer faces’ shapes.

#13: Voluminous Mid-Length Hair

Thick or thin haired people would opt for mid lengths where there is ultimate voluminous bounce; during saloon visits one should ask about home styling products best suited for this look since looks trendy all over again!

#14: Medium to Long Blonde Balayage Hair

To achieve balance according to our facial structures we have also considered Length & Brightness while blending blonde shades effortlessly via Balayage; therefore the colors must change gradually starting from darker roots up-to lighter ends of these hairs.

#15: Cool Brown Mullet

This is a cool brown mullet hairdo that is stylish and has shorter layers at the back and longer ones in front. The style adds volume to the hair, while the balance of proportions is achieved for ladies with long faces. Use texturizing spray for definition and enhanced layers.

#16: Face-Framing Round Bangs for Thin Hair

Opt for round bangs that frame your face, they give thin hair more body. These bangs are cut in a rounded shape that frames the face, creating a supportive effect on ones look making her appear younger, thus emphasizing on the front sections.

#17: Lived-In Dark Brunette Style

To make your hairstyle more stylish and suit better for long-faces consider lived-in dark brunette style which will add depth to your hair color tone. Try not to take too much away from sides so as not to elongate your face even further. Opt for a shaggier cut which takes weight off of both sides and try styling it into loose waves to add more volume finish with texture spray for lived-in textured feel.

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