8 Stunning Updo Hairstyles with Bangs to Elevate Your Look

Are you looking for a new look for a special event or do you just want to make your everyday style more interesting? We have compiled some of the trendiest and most flexible hairstyles for the season.
We then come up with different types of styles that are suitable for your hair and personal preference from complex high updos decorated with curtains to the relaxed bohemian looks.

So let’s journey stylishly together to find that perfect updo that will not only be complementary to your personality but also give an extra kick to your whole appearance!

#1 High Updo with Curtain Bangs

There is nothing like a nice neat hair up do perched on top accompanied by curtain bangs. This hairstyle helps keep in place while making sure that the bangs frame around your face gorgeously, giving a cleaner youthful appearance.

By combining an elegant updo hairstyle with softness of curtain bangs, it strikes a balance between sophistication and contemporary flair thus making it ideal as both formal and casual occasions.

#2 Messy Updo with Side-Swept Bangs

Try out a messy no-fuss updo with side-swept bangs for an easygoing but classy look reminiscent of Pamela Anderson’s famous curly style. For those who have long thick hair, this hairdo lets natural volume and texture shine through.

The waves should be loosely secured by bobby pins so as to hold the hairstyle intact while intentionally letting few strands loose thereby creating effortlessly textured feel. This way, there will be more dimensions in the outlook without having it feel old or tired at all.

#3 Sleek Bun with Hair Accessories and Fringe

Combining sleek bun with tasteful accessories on one hand and fringe on another can take your style into new heights of elegance. To add sophistication effortlessly use pearls or jewels on top of the high bun which completely transforms simple up do into statement piece.

Finally straightening these side bangs ensures they match well with contours of the face bringing out their beauty even more effectively when matched properly with right accessories; this polished hairstyle can enhance your evening attire thus making it a perfect selection for any formal event or night out on the town.

#4 Loose Updo on Dark Hair

A loose updo in black hair with its frond-like texture effortlessly straddles the line between formal elegance and laid-back chic.

Its look as if styled previously, creating a relaxed and feminine charm that is completely aligned with bohemian aesthetics.

This is an unstructured hairstyle with a natural fall which makes it perfect for those who are looking to create an image that exudes sophistication but without much care thereby reflecting boho spirit gracefully.

#5 Brunette Soft Upstyle with Curtain Fringe

This sophisticated hairdo takes dark brown locks into an up-do highlighted by curtain bangs, making it exceptional choice for occasions like marriage ceremonies. Well matched with face framing bangs or shorter layers; they emphasize intricacies of your haircut.

Apart from displaying the richness of brunette shades, this elegant look also suits various face shapes so that your features can be enhanced at their best on any special day.

#6 Loose Bun with Full Bangs

The autumn season’s latest fashion includes a loose bun along with full bangs hairstyle. Long layers throughout this hairstyle are accompanied by shorter face-framing ones enhancing your facial features all crowned by blunt bangs set right above them.

An ideal option for anyone who wants to lift their look to a higher level with a stylish and chic updo that is both easy in the making and elegant. It not only adds an air of sophistication, but also retains your fashion statement.

#7 High French Twist with Front Layers

French twist at the back with high front layers gives a modern and casual hair do that is perfect for special occasions.

Achieving this look involves adding volume and texture to the roots and mid-length sections of your hair. Then gather all your hair at the back into a twist, securing it neatly. The front layers are left loose to frame the face elegantly.

To finish off the style, apply a texture spray to add some grip on the hair as well as hairspray for long lasting hold ensuring that your hair is in place throughout the whole occasion.

#8 Top Knot Bun with Middle Part Bangs

Fairy-inspired top knot bun featuring middle part bangs is an enchanting hairstyle suitable for shoulder length and longer tresses.

Create a high bun at the crown of your head, leaving out some face-framing bangs when you want this appearance.

Part your bangs down the center so they can frame your face softly. This style suits different facial structures while giving you whimsicality touch on overall appearance.

To add shine and hold to such hairstyle use light hairspray which should be sprayed on ensuring that it maintains its position throughout the entire day.

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