33 Trendy Curly Bob Hairstyles You Must Try

Oh, wavy bob! It’s the multi-tool hairdo of either natural curls or fake ones. Your new best friend is this bob, whether your curls are borrowed or built-in.

It laughs in the face of the old ‘curls must cascade down your back’ rule that went out with tube TVs.

We’ve got all the flavors—angled, inverted, A-line, stacked, you name it. And hey, toss in some long layers for extra va-va-volume.

So why not give a flirty little update to your ringlets with curly bob? Go ahead and make some waves with those locks!

1. Softly Tousled Curly Bob

It’s a great choice if you want to look stylish without putting too much effort into it. Volume and movement are added by softly tousled curly bob hence creating a loose beachy feel.

This hairstyle can be worn easily on ordinary days especially when one has very little time for upkeep but still wants to look good.

2. Airy Messy Bob for Thick Curls

The airy messy bob increases manageability while enhancing the beauty of thick curls. This layered bob cut reduces weightiness and adds more bounce giving you an easy carefree style.

Again, this hairstyle balances structure with an effortless undone finish making it perfect for anyone who wants to look fashionable in no time.

3. Elegant Silver Curls

This elegant version of a curly bob embraces silver hair beautifully. The curls are well-defined and neatly arranged offering sophistication that oozes confidence and grace.

This style is appropriate for individuals who want their gray strands noticed but still maintain a polished look.

4. Graceful Silver Waves

The hairdo consists of gentle, flowing silver waves, which add an element of grace and sophistication to it. These waves are cut in order to have a natural body without making the hair appear heavy.

Ideal for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, this style frames the face beautifully, highlighting cheekbones and softening features.

5. Layered Curly Bob with Rocker Vibe

This is a dynamic hairstyle that combines a layered curly bob with a bold rocker-chic look. The layers are cut in such a way as to bring out the maximum volume from the naturally curling hair that gives it life.

This edgy style is perfect for those who want to make a statement and embrace a daring, modern look.

6. Chic Curly Bob for Mature Women

Curly bob for mature women that epitomizes elegance while being low-maintenance showcases tight well-defined curls around the face.

Medium length boosts natural volume along with texture while layered cut helps increase the springiness of curls.

7. Honey Blonde Retro Curls

This short hair has a retro glam look with a modern twist. The honey-blonde color makes the style look good and more classic.

It looks as if it was made for thick hair as it adds volume and movement to the hairstyle though its vivacious bounciness needs regular shaping and moisturizing to keep it in check.

8. Voluminous Bob with Gentle Bangs

For people with thick curly hairstyles, this short bob is an ideal solution. These bangs sit right below your ears making your face rounded.

9. Layered Bob for Full Curls

A great manageable yet stylish cut for medium to thick curls is what this style accomplishes perfectly well. Layers above the shoulders add dimension and body while emphasizing natural wave patterns in your hair.

It can frame your face very well especially due to the flattering chin-length bob for a lively look that stays fresh through regular trims and curl-enhancing products.

10. Espresso-Toned Wavy Bob

A wavy bob that goes beyond elegance is what this espresso-hued style is all about.

At chin level, it frames your face beautifully accentuating cheekbones and jawline making them prominent features on anybody’s face.

11. Caramel Balayage Coiled Bob

Shoulder-length tight coiled curls define this stunning hairstyle called coiled bob. The dark base color is enhanced by highlights of caramel and blonde, giving the hair depth.

It is a beautiful style, however, it needs to be maintained for curl definition and moisture balance.

12. Asymmetrical Bob with Blonde Ombre

This asymmetrical bob has loose curls and a playful side thanks to its blonde ombre color technique. It lightens at the ends from the dark roots making your face glow.

Though it remains fresh and dynamic but will not let you just forget about your hair; use any curl-enhancing product to keep it up.

13. Neck-Length Beachy Waves

Get that “just out of the beach” look with this short bob that touches your neck at the back.

This includes choppy layers that create a tousled effect, enhancing natural movement in those long waves of yours there are lots of blondes for depth purposes.

14. Lush Curly Bob with Depth

The above-the-shoulder length cozy haircut depicts an image of naturalness in every coil that has been designed to make these springs bounce more dramatically when straightened or tangled on either side between your shoulders towards the front.

Layers bring volume and shape while deepening natural shine due to its dark shade which extends across your head.

15. Burgundy-Tinted Medium Curly Bob

This curly bob is a mid-length hairstyle with lots of natural curls, in addition to lively burgundy colors making it look playful and neat.

Just above the shoulder length, this medium-sized bob is still full of bounce and volume without being too much for someone’s face. A perfect style for those who have medium to thick hair as it improves the curl style while giving it shape.

16. Shoulder-Length Bob with Highlights

This messy curly, blonde highlighted bob just touches the shoulders with its free and sun-kissed appearance which looks good on everyone going to beach parties more than any other occasion.

Short enough that you will not spend eternity drying your hair but long enough to get into a ponytail if necessary, this cut marries convenience and fashion.

17. Dynamic Curls with Honey Highlights

This short hairstyle cascades down below the line looking fabulous from every angle thanks to dynamic spirals accentuated by honeyed highlights throughout them.

These curls are ideal for round or heart-shaped faces as they elongate necks and shorten faces.

18. Layered Wavy Bob

It is a versatile curly bob cut that hangs uniformly on all types of hair ranging from thin to thick.

Creating some layers tends to puff up more air under your hair such that one’s natural wave or curl pattern is improved.

19. A-Line Bob with Fringe

This stacked bob with a short front fringe creates a sharp look which is perfect for fine-hair-type people.

This cut has an oversized front fringe as well as face-framing pieces that add volume to it making it look nice and stylish.

20. Side-Parted Bob with Bouncy Curls

This free-parted bob with springy spirals is suitable for all types of hair as it does not discriminate against anyone.

Medium layers that add more weight to thin hair while reducing thickness on heavy locks make this an appropriate, manageable cut.

21. Jaw-Length Curls

No matter what else you put together this jaw-length curly bob looks great every time. A sweet pastel color makes it ultra-feminine yet adaptable for various occasions.

Every now and then go to your stylist for dry cuts aimed at keeping them well hydrated hence bouncy looking cool.

22. Blonde Ringlet Bob

A curly bob styled like Barbie dolls’ which involves curving blonde ringlets arranged perfectly in their heads.

Perfectly highlighting these blond curls just gives them even more attention with such a dramatic effect.

23. Blond Barbie Bob

This fun and chic hairdo is a curly Barbie blond bob with great shape to it. Bright blonde tones are eye-catching, and they enhance the pretty curls.

It is ideal for those who want to make a statement with their hairstyle and are willing to keep up with color and maintain curls.

24. Curly Inverted Bob of the Stylish Type

It is an ideal choice for women with natural hair who want trendy modern looks. When drying the bob it should be air dried while using curl boosting spray for even effect.

This cut is perfect for medium or thick curly hair because it defines a natural curl pattern and gives you a trendy fashionable look.

25. Bouncy Curly Bob

This classic curly bob has loads of volume and bounce that opens up the face while emphasizing beautiful waves below it.

They have also provided this wavy style which is very easy to maintain however elegant enough. With regular care, this style maintains its youthful and lively appeal.

26. Classic Curly Bob

This timeless curly bob offers a sophisticated look that’s easy to manage too, what’s not to love about that?

It offers both volume as well as texture thus giving shape in any face shape form that ever was designed. As an ultimate lazy girl style, this one can work well with natural curls or waves.

27. Soft Curly Waves

Another approach containing loose soft waves that add lightness to the overall look thereby making it more romantic while still being beautifully feminine would be preferable.

The goal here is obviously femininity combined with versatility as these hairstyles are meant for all occasions.

28. Deva Cut Curly Bob

The individual curls are cut dry, which is important to maximize definition and minimize frizz. Deva cut is a low-maintenance cut made specifically for people with natural curls.

29. Short Stacked Curls

It’s a classic and very feminine bob that comes with short stacked curls adding volume as well as shape. This style is perfect for fine hair with a medium curl pattern because it adds fullness to the overall look while highlighting natural texture.

If you want your curls to stay bouncy with no frizz then you have to keep trimming them regularly so that they do not lose their bounce.

30. Light-graduated Bob with Curls

It has long layers which add movement and height making it dynamic in nature. This gives an appealing look to anyone trying out this style by simply embracing her natural curls.

Regular moisturizing treatments should be done on this type of hair to maintain the curl definition and avoid any frizzy hairs along it.

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31. Round-Face Curly Bob

Faces women can go in for this stylish easy-to-style bob, as its name suggests.

The length and weight distribution of this curly bob can be modified depending on facial shapes. They make sure these curls are always lively thus giving you a fashionable appearance all through.

32. Bob with Choppy Curls

This classic curly bob features uneven layers which give the hair texture and make it look like it is in motion.

So, if you are seeking a low-maintenance, playful style that brings out natural curls, this cut is an ideal option. But remember to visit your hairstylist often otherwise your hair will lose its shape, become frizzy and its curls will not be visible.

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33. Angled Curly Bob

Just sweep your fingers through this sleek angled inverted bob for natural curls. The short length makes it easy to maintain while enhancing the curl pattern of the hair.

For more dynamism in the style, highlights can be done to create texture and movement.

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