25 Gorgeous Dark Cherry Hair Color To Get Right Now

Thinking of changing your hair color? Maybe the dark cherry is your best friend. It is like wine in that hair color sense, rich, and deep, and has very subtle blended hues like burgundy, and violet-black.

If you have always wanted a look that says ‘sophisticated with a touch of mysterious’, this one’s for you! It’s so versatile and looks fantastic on dark hair without causing a bleaching apocalypse.

However, make sure to treat it to some good color-preserving products as well as tone down on the heat styling. Want to take a plunge into this dark cherry pool?

Here are some amazing dark cherry hair inspirations to choose from and get one that calls out your name!

1. Deep Cherry Espresso Balayage

This luxurious color blend combines the balayage technique with deep cherry-colored highlights melting into richer espresso ones creating seamless transitions that look naturally sun-kissed.

This style is perfect for people who want vibrant colors in their hair without harsh lines, it adds sophistication and depth to any type of hair.

2. Cherry Brown with Soft Waves

This shade blends the warm tones of cherry with a natural brown base creating a subtle hint of vibrancy.

When styled with soft waves, this creates dimensional color effects that allow these cherry shades to move beautifully against each other.

3. Short Dark Red Hair

The boldness associated with wearing such hairstyles makes them suitable for those who love making statements.

The rich dark red is powerful thus contrasting well with lighter hues while standing out among any crowd.

4. Black Cherry with Caramel Highlights

Intriguingly done caramel highlights into black cherries give birth to such an effect: where the light meets darkness.

Contrary to others who may prefer going lighter altogether by using slight brightening elements thanks to the base color which could turn out complex if mishandled.

5. Deep Cherry Color for Women Over 60

This deep cherry shade is tailored towards women over 60 years old and helps them appear sophisticated while still maintaining a youthful-looking edge.

With deep, rich hues that keep the hair alive, it’s designed to match mature skin tones thus creating an elegant timeless look.

6. Dark Cherry Cola for Long Hair

This shade is perfect if you have long hair as it cascades beautifully in a shiny deep reddish brown color. It is an intense yet wearable hue that adds richness and depth to long locks.

7. Deep Cherry Chocolate Hair with Layers

Such a style of coloring is a visual feast, it combines deep cherry with rich chocolate shades.

Layered cuts make the multidimensional color more visible and create fuller and more vibrant hair- particularly if your texture has some wave or curl to it, that can show off its dynamic color variations.

8. Dark Cherry Hair for Women Over 40

A dark cherry gives women over 40 years of age graceful looks which warm up their appearance further adding either depth or fullness.

It’s also the best fit for those wanting something bold and unique yet with a sense of sophistication.

9. Rich Mahogany-Dark Cherry Blend

Mixing dark cherry with mahogany tones makes for a deep, rich color blend that is luxurious yet intense, it’s both daring and wearable.

The color is deep and saturated, giving a stylish option to anyone who wants to add vibrancy and polish to their hair.

10. Darker Cherry Tone For Women 70 Above

Formulated specifically for women over 70 years old, this darker cherry tone helps cover up gray hairs while introducing depth that feels rich like velvet into the hair.

It is an elegant but vibrant choice that can bring out the beauty of silver or white hair naturally.

11. Ombre Hair Style Dark Chocolate Cherry

In this style, there is an ombre effect starting from deep chocolate on the roots and ending in lively cherry at the tips providing boldness and beauty all together.

It’s a good choice for those wishing to experience color without much commitment.

12. Dark Cherry Auburn Blend

This blend of dark cherries and auburns gives off a warm fiery appearance that suits people with medium to deep base colors best of all.

The dark cherry has gleams of auburn through it such that it stands out as far as seasonal preferences are concerned.

13. Dark Cherry Highlights on Black Hair

By adding highlights mixed with shades of dark cherry on black hair, one can introduce some warmth in the overall look while creating some dimensionality in its texture thereby making it less boring than a totally jet black hue does actually allows for one last unexpected twist however modestly done.

14. Dark Cherry Pink Accents

Having pink highlights in your dark cherry mane will give you a playful daring look. You will make quite an impression with bright fuchsias against the dark background!

In other words, when breast cancer awareness month comes around every October, I dye my hair pink.

15. Cherry Cola Hair for Olive Skin

This is because cherry cola suits olive skin tones best, as it matches the natural undertones of the skin.

This is a rich deep reddish brown hue that can enhance warm flesh tints significantly when one actually wants to reveal their authentic complexion.

16. Dark Cherry Money Piece Accent

Just a dark cherry money piece adds startling face-framing highlights that capture people’s attention and make them look at your eyes and face.

That is what I said, if you need any examples of the trending things on this topic my friend told me to check out her Facebook page.

17. Cherry Black Hair on Curly Texture

The cowry black hair paints curly surfaces thereby revealing their texture and volume while giving room for more depth and interest inside them.

Hints of cherry add definition making curls pop more, so that is why she likes adding some color to her natural texture sometimes.

18. Burgundy Cherry Coke Hair

A deep rich blend of burgundy and cherry coke can really catch someone’s eye because of its extravagantly intense shade.

This is an option for those who wish to be noticed among others. When you want everyone to see how unique you are.

19. Dark Cherry Wine for Brunettes

Dark cherry wine though subtly impactful offers brunettes a classy way to change slightly one’s style statement without being too radical – these hues create a romantic mysterious tone for the hair allowing the new look to add grace only.

20. Chocolate Cherry for Straight Hair

On straight hair chocolate cherry looks stunning, contrasting with smooth combinations of sweet chocolate color and vivid red cherries.

Sleekness allows colors to sparkle here, they are just blended within each other beautifully under sunlight or indoor lighting.

21. Dark Cherry Cola with Highlights

This style improves the dark cherry cola base with lighter highlights giving an extra brightness and dimensionality.

It is ideal for a dynamic look that shimmers in the light and adds depth to the dark basic color.

22. Cherry Black on Dark Brown Hair

Cherry black highlights on dark brown hair are a subtle but striking add-on, which gives it a slightly reddish hue, enriching the natural shade without overpowering it.

23. Dark Cherry Hair for Older Women Over 50

Older women can choose dark cherry as their vibrant and flattering hair color that helps them look warm and alive again. A very good way of enhancing natural hair color while covering grey hairs gracefully.

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24. Dark Cherry Purple Tones

The deep cherry is contrasted by this pop of colour from purple which makes it a great choice for those who want to make brave fashion statements.

25. Dark Cherry Balayage

This modern take on traditional highlights diffuses cherry tones into the hair through hand-painted techniques that create an organic-looking ombré effect.

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It’s just that you need to add some sun-kissed color without appearing as if you tried too hard.

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