24 Gorgeous Bob Cuts with Long Bangs Trending Right Now

This is not just about hacking off chunks of hair and hoping it’s shouting “fashion forward” as it hits the floor. No, this is all about chiseling a masterpiece on your head that screams “This is me!” so loudly, they are looking around for who said that.

It’s about finding the perfect bangs that do more than hang there. They make your eyes look like twin sparkling lighthouses or turn your cheekbones into something sharp enough to cut glass.

So, what would be your preference? Are you thinking more of a sleek, straight-across-the-forehead number that could serve as a level in case of an emergency? Or has all caution been thrown away for wind-swept wild locks that appear capable of summoning oceans?

The point here is how these tresses frame your mug. Sweetheart, this isn’t a mere haircut. Rather a way to crank up your natural beauty to eleven with the knowledge that even though you don’t see it, hair knows its place – serving only the face and not existing merely on the head.

Um…what will you have then? Would you like to meet my new best friend – the bob-and-bangs combo? Let us find out what makes you much better.

1. Curly Lob with Long Fringe:

This hairstyle involves a lob (long bob) that cuts to shoulder length, with soft romantic waves. Extended fringe is connected along the wavy lines of the hair blending into the face and giving it an elegant modern touch.

For those desiring a versatile look that needs little maintenance and can be used both during the day and at night.

2. Smooth Bob for Fine Hair with Extra Lengthy Bangs:

This sleek bob is perfect for women with fine hair as it sits just above shoulders and its straightness emphasizes smoothness and shine.

The long bangs go past the eyebrows creating a beautiful curtain that can be brushed to one side or parted in two to fit different situations.

3. Straight Cut Bob Hairdo With Slanting Bangs:

This style is an unconventional twist on the classic bob cut as seen by sharp lines and diagonal fringe. Which constitutes the dynamic appearance of young age.

Furthermore, this design is best suited for those with angular faces, hence giving them their desired attention.

4. Layered Bob Hairstyle With Extra-Long Bangs:

When the time comes for a medium thick-haired lady to have her haircut, these are some of the styles she may consider getting.

To have a fuller look, this layered bob has multiple levels of length incorporated throughout it. In addition, these extra-long front strands soften the face while adding a cool touch to the traditional silhouette of bobs.

5. Classy Senior Bob with Lengthy Front Hair:

The design and ease of maintaining this bob make it suitable for older ladies who would like something practical yet good-looking at any time of their lives.

These long bangs will gracefully cover your forehead thus giving your hairline complementary angles which will match grey hair tones very well.

6. Multifaceted Bang-Heavy Bob Over 40:

It epitomizes versatility plus fashion when it comes to this cut.

This bob comes with long bangs that can be styled in several ways—such as being swept back or parted on the side or worn straight—and is meant for different settings, and women aged 40 years and above who want a trendy hairdo that is easy to alter to suit their preferences.

7. Extreme Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe:

This cut is rebellious in nature. The lengths of the asymmetrical bob change on each side and the bangs too are cut according to the unevenness of style.

These hairstyles are attention-grabbing pieces that are perfect for people who love fashion.

8. Fair-Haired Long Bob With Full Bang:

A long bob dyed platinum blond, coupled with a thick fringe right above the eyebrows makes quite an impression.

This combination of color and cut gives an appearance that is futuristic and high-fashion thus captivating any observer’s attention.

9. Layered Bangs-Infused Bob for Thick Hair:

This is an example of a bob that is good for people with thick hair because it is layered to cut down on weight and increase the natural feel of the hair.

The chop incorporates the fringe, which makes it look smooth all over and gives it a very modern, chic look.

10. Mature Side Bang Bob:

This style was designed for mature women and consists of soft side bangs that gently brush across her forehead blending in with the rest of the hair.

It’s an elegant hairstyle that adds grace to aging hair but also looks stylish.

11. Undercut Long Bob with Fringe:

A modern take on lob involves undercutting to reduce bulk and accentuate sleekness above. This hairstyle is perfect if you like combining classic elements with a contemporary twist.

Its playful and edgy fringe suits such purpose well enough. Moreover, this works best for those with thicker locks who still want to remain fashionable while keeping cool.

12. Wispy Bangs on Textured Bob:

This style aims at creating softness and movement.

The haircut is done to make the hair look more natural, while light bangs are wispy feather-like ones that are meant to go along with every other piece of your hair effortlessly making you look casual and thus rejuvenating in addition to being easy for maintenance purposes.

13. Quick Weaves Bob with Extended Bangs:

For those looking for trendy hairstyles without commitment, quick weave bobs are ideal choices since they give one the appearance of having real hair without much hustle involved in fixing it.

Additionally, these long fringes can create some extra glamour depending on how someone prefers them styled hence suitable for different face shapes as well as lifestyle purposes.

14. Flattering Bob For Round Faces With Bangs:

This particular type of bob has been cut in such a way that it elongates round faces and makes them more attractive when compared to other bobs made before it.

The bangs are meant to balance the face, with the eyes being highlighted while wider cheeks being made smaller thus giving you a well-coordinated look that can improve your natural appearance.

15. French Cut Bob with Extended Fringe:

This bob is a blunt cut with an extended fringe, inspired by classic French fashion, and symbolizes chicness and sophistication.

It’s perfect for those who appreciate minimal style that speaks volumes about their refined taste in fashion.

16. Blonde Bob With Extra Long Bangs:

The hairstyle combines the timeless beauty of a blonde bob with bold extra-long fringes that sweep across the face.

It’s a fashionable choice for those who want to stand out but still have manageable hair.

17. Multi-Layered Bob With Curtain Bangs:

It is a multi-layered haircut that gives volume and body making it appropriate for thin hair.

While at its very end, there are curtain bangs that provide some mystery and elegance outlining the woman’s face perfectly from all sides as well as providing versatile looks through various parting options.

18. The 90s’ Inspired Bob With Long Bangs

This modern bob has long fringes which were quite popular in the 90s but now have a touch of modernity attached to them.

It should be seen in young people who like retro styles but do not want to go all out in showing their past-inspired preferences on how they look presently.

19. Elegant Long Bob with Side Part:

This long bob is all about elegance, with a deep side part that creates a dramatic sweep of hair across the face.

It’s an intricate approach that will work fully for official events and everyday classiness.

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20. Sleek Long Bangs with Inverted Bob:

In the inverted bob, the hair at the back is shorter than those in front and this makes it look very contrasting.

The style is also paired up with long bangs thereby making it an eye-catching fashion trend that suits lovers of sleekness and polish.

21. Retro 1970’s Bob with Fringe:

The modern twist on this old-school hairstyle brings back memories of the 70s groovy vibes.

It comes complete with curly bangs that represent free spirit in this age hence cool for anyone who desires to have some retro touch in their look.

22. Thick Fringe Dark Brown Bob:

The heavy dark brown shade goes well with thick full bangs surrounding one’s face so powerfully and gracefully.

Therefore, women who want to emphasize eyes as well as cheekbones will find this hairstyle perfect.

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23. Long Side Swept Bob Cut:

It has a gracefulness that features on this lengthy bob that has been done using a side sweep that is simple yet stylish enough for a day-to-night transition look.

24. Soft Long Bangs Tousled Bob:

For this tousled bob, soft long bangs are used to add to its casual beachy appearance.

This works best for women whose preference lies within low-maintenance styles but still have something chic when it comes to putting themselves together.

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