28 Stylish Medium-Length Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2024

Welcome to the women’s ultimate 2024 style guide! This article contains 27 modern medium-length hairstyles and haircuts that are currently trending in 2024. Whether you wish for a new look or are just tired of changing it frequently, these fashionable hairstyles will improve your fashion statement.

We curated a diverse assortment of hairstyles for everyone – from easy waves updos and straight bobs. Prepare yourself as we get into the year ahead by getting ready with confidence with a completely new hairstyle!

1. Side Part

A side parting is a great way to wear your medium-length hairstyle and doing so can be flattering because it helps frame your face shape and brings out your features more clearly.

The side part is a very versatile and wearable type of part that suits most faces, ages, etc.. This style will help create balance in case you have some strong facial features that need softening up a little bit.

Hair of any texture or length can be used for this type of parting as it serves as an alternative for bangs without having them in place permanently: all advantages without commitments!

A slight curl added on either side will give romance while highlights around the face’s sides will provide framing effects.

2. Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the simplest yet most elegant updos ever created by mankind as it takes only several minutes and no specific skills are required making it a perfect no-fuss look too It keeps the hair away from the eyes as well as from the neck emphasizing these parts instead.

The ponytail can also become casual or made-up; just gather your hair loosely into a ponytail while keeping it loose for a laid-back appearance, well suited for the beach or workouts.

This is also quite trendy and modern for a more formal occasion when you want to look sleek in your outfit like Ariana Grande’s signature style You can also leave some strands of hair near the face that will soften up your look In conclusion, avoid having a tight ponytail if you have been doing it for a long time because this causes traction alopecia.

3. Straight Lob with Babylights

If you need to add colour to your hair subtly, brighten and lighten your appearance which can be done by babylights.

They are delicate highlights that look great on just about anybody who wants to have a subtle glow. Also, putting them around the sides of your face is another fantastic way of accentuating their shape while highlighting their features. The hair will look as if it has been kissed by the sun in thin streaks of color that make it appear healthy and layered.

It can be used on hair with different textures and colors to give them life. To realize good results, use only those highlights that are no more than one or two shades lighter than your natural color.I

t is also sported in various cuts and styles, among which one of the prettiest and most versatile is lob haircut that can emphasize the face.

4. Shag

The shag haircut is one of 70’s hairstyle favorites characterized by choppy layers all over it. This medium-length hairstyle is really good at enhancing hair texture. Hair like this is also perfect for getting rid of weight from thick locks or lowering up for fine thin ones.

hen cut with lots of thin layers, this hairstyle becomes edgy and gives the hairs some movement and dimensions. It suits perfectly those who want a low upkeep haircut but still have a lot of fun.

5. Half Down Hair with Twists

For a pretty way to wear medium-length hairstyles consider adding twists to them. To achieve an off-shoulder boho look ideal for formal and informal events keep your hair down while twisting it through sideways.

Twisting takes away hair strands from the face, thereby revealing it. It may look best on slightly wavy hair but can work on all kinds of hair textures.

6. Faux Locs

You may like dreadlocks but don’t have the time and patience to grow them. Try faux locs instead! First of all, your hair will be braided into cornrows on which you’ll add either artificial or human hair using the crochet technique.

This is a good protective style that can protect the hair from breakage, and damage and promote the growth of natural hair.

The medium-length hairstyles include varying thicknesses and lengths for your faux locs. You can also dress up your hairstyle with wire, cuffs, and beads to create a customized finish.

7. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a form of protective style ideal for women who want versatile and flattering braids these can be done in various lengths as well as thicknesses but keeping them at an average length would be great since this allows you to do any other style without it being too long or high maintenance. Protective styles prevent breakage, lock in moisture, and aid natural hair growth.

Goddess braids do not last as much as other styles but they will last several weeks saving you from heat styling to the avoidance of grooming time.

8. Permed Hair

If a lot of texture is your thing, then go for it with permed hair. The mermaid-like appearance is appealing to women who want something playful in their hair which gives it a wavy and zigzaggy kind of look that can work so well at giving it much more volume. It was highly popular during the 80s but you may also make it as subtle and wearable as possible without drawing too much attention.

For almost all types, crimping can be experimented on, however; the look will be more visible as well as easier to create if your hair is straight. Remember to have your hair in good condition since the effect can emphasize any damage.

9. Bangs

To change the way you look and possibly improve your looks, bangs can be a good idea. This makes them ideal for women of all ages who are trying to hide fine lines or wrinkles that may appear on their foreheads.

Bangs can be long, short, or medium in length depending on what is best for an individual. What makes curly bangs different from straight ones is that instead of being well defined they tend to have softness in them. When hair has texture, it creates volume and an illusion of thickness.

10. Medium Length Haircut with Shaved Sides

For rebel spirits who seek a rebellious look, shaved sides can work wonders with any hairstyle you like. This is a modern twist on the Mohawk – keep the hair long at the top and back while keeping it shorter on the sides – making it not extreme as compared to traditional Mohawks but very wearable.

It’s also a perfect way of expressing oneself and in conjunction with the mid-length haircut, this can create valuable contrast when looking at colors and fabrics together to get vivid patterns or cuts – interesting combinations are obtainable through that.

Besides being symbolic, cutting off the hair symbolizes leaving behind one’s past and standing tall as an expression of strength and resilience. Dyeing your hair with bright colors will make it even more prominent or adding streaks of your favorite color.

11. Viking Braids

Many films have been inspired by Viking hairstyles but they have also been used as inspirations for other looks. If you want a tough edgy look then try Viking Braid.

The interpretation varies; some braid one side whilst others shave one side pair braided crown or put all hair into one bun at the top center of the head among others interpretations available.

For example, there are many variations of medium-length hairstyles. Braids can also be worn with loose, curly hair for a softer and more feminine look. Highlighting adds shine and makes your hairstyle appear three-dimensional. Alternatively, choose a bright color that will make you stand out.

12. Retro Curls

You can have retro curls if you want to have a big hairdo that is glamorous in appearance and showcases your locks.

These curls go well with everyone’s face shape, provide softness to the overall appearance, and are able to complement or balance any features on the face as well. Longer medium-length hairstyles are best for this style because they allow curl creation but not so much that it becomes heavy.

And where could you wear them? It’s a perfect hairstyle for an official event such as a wedding or work party, however, it will suit well for everyday going-out.

13. Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is a straight hair that does not have layers and is usually done in defined angles. Those with straight want to show off their haircuts should opt for this look.

There are so many ways you can cut your medium-length hairstyle thus allowing you to personalize it as per your face shape and own particular shade of hair color.

It looks sleek and elegant hence making it perfect for every occasion. Besides, it grows out very well and requires little maintenance.

14. Middle Part Medium Length Hairstyles

To wear your medium-length hairstyle in a parting, you may consider selecting a middle parting which is practical and stylish.

In this type of look, hair hangs on either side of the face and for medium-length hair, it is more wearable for one can tuck the hair behind the ears. It can be a great way to keep the attention on your face while complementing multiple hair textures and cuts.

It should be noted that not every individual will find this flattering as it does not suit all face shapes. This style needs symmetrical features; those who want their face to look balanced or soft, should choose side parting.

15. Wispy Fringe

With a fringe on your medium-length hairstyle, you will look lovely but there are many different types of fringes that you can opt for too. Some women like having thick full fringes that are voluminous and dramatic while others prefer something less obvious such as wispy fringe.

Once again, drawing attention to eyes and cheekbones by softening features with thin streaks of strands is possible when donning this particular style; it also matches different types of hair lengths, textures, as well as cuts.

A choppy cut styled in such a way will do wonders especially when combined with wispy fringe accentuating the overall textured effect.

16. Medium Length Textured Cut

One easy way to change appearance is changing one’s hair color to his/her favorite shades.

Bold colors are expressive because they allow you to show off your playful nature to other people around you making them know what kind of person you are through the colors picked. Pink hairs look so lovely thus becoming some of my choices among other colors out there.

For individuals whose hairs have natural curl patterns then coloring could add emphasis to that already existing curl pattern. Besides, choppy layers may also inject movement and depth into the hair. It can work with your favorite pink hue regardless of your hairstyle or texture, resulting in a standout medium-length hairstyle.

17. Very Short Bangs

If you want your medium-length hair to pop, add some very short bangs to any cut. These are cut way above the brow and they can be heavy like a block of wood, or light and flicking it depends on how much you want to take care of your hair.

They draw attention to the face but also distract away from what is there; hence, when paired with longer styles they give an amazing proportion.

18. Bob for Thin Hair

There’s some advice on how to make thin hair look thicker and fuller, but one of the simplest is layering it up. Layers work for many different types of hairstyles and if you have thin hair it can be a fantastic option for you.

These also add dimension and movement to the mane which helps draw attention down towards ends rather than roots. Although it’s often better to keep thin hair shorter there are also cuts out there that could have you rocking medium-length hairstyles among them being shag or mullet bob cuts.

19. Split Dye Bob with Middle Part

Bobs are among the most versatile medium-length haircuts, and they come in textures that fit your hair type and can be personalized by coloring it, including split-dyeing.

Coloring of hair is good for fun. Going for vibrant shades that will make you noticeable helps to bring out your playful side. You may dye all your hair, only the ends—resulting in streaks or color statement highlights—or even experiment with the split dye trend.

Split dye means dying one side of the head; this could mean using two artificial colors like pink and green or leaving one side with your natural color of hair; this hairstyle is variously anything but limited to allow you a mix of whatever sections you like. Combining colors that match each other will give you a more natural look if this is what you desire.

20. Crimped Hair

Another 1980s favorite style is crimped hair which creates volume and texture as it waves or curls the locks themselves; big hairstyles are fun because they command attention when you walk into a room people notice it. A mid-length perm can also be flattering and youthful, complimenting many face shapes and women of different ages.

The modern approach isn’t quite as loud as it was in the 80s so one can tone down a perm for a more balanced appearance. Unfortunately, perming damages and dries out hair due to chemicals used to alter its structure; therefore working with professional hairstylists minimizes such risks.

21. Black to Blonde Balayage with Middle Part

A middle parting on medium-length hair will enhance your face shape dramatically; one of the ways that suits them best is the balayage technique.

Balayage has become popular because it requires less time for maintenance lasts longer seems natural on any hue making it possible for everyone who wishes coloration irrespective of their hair. Adding foil highlights to dark hair can be damaging, and the colors are often not blended, making it look very obvious and unnatural.

On the other hand, balayage helps to lighten black hair as well as make it brighter by giving a more subtle and blended appearance. To achieve this, you don’t have to cover up on roots rather consult your colorist who will perfectly match your hair’s blonde shade.

22. Backcombed Hair

Back-combed hair is achieved by brushing the hair from the back and away from the scalp; volume is created in doing this that looks great for different hairstyles. Also, leaving one’s hair down with a small bouffant and bangs will add chicness as well as soften the hairstyle.

Alternatively, a big hairstyle can sweep all the hairs above one’s face without any fringe; imagine a beehive style! The beauty of backcombed hairstyles lies in their versatility making them suitable for most types of hair also known as medium-length cuts that suit your face shape while highlighting the best features.

23. Beach Waves

Do you want to have soft, feminine hair that looks like you just got out of the beach? If yes, then consider getting beachy waves done on it.

They can make your hair look as if you spent the whole day at sea side and how they cascade around your cheeks is simply stunning. It can add gentleness to one’s appearance and give hair some volume and flow.

Let them choose whether they would like to leave their hair long and free or wear a shoulder-length hairstyle which is the optimal measure for this case. Work these loose curls into an unstructured updo for a romantic finish which will suit well more formal occasions.

24. A-Line Hairstyle

The bob usually stays short but it adapts incredibly well to various lengths and textures; thus being considered a very versatile haircut.

That’s why cutting it shorter in an A-line shape is perfect since it can frame your face, draw attention towards your cheeks, as well as enhance the jawline thereby making cheekbones appear more prominent in some cases.

On the back of your head, these cuts are steeper than at the front; therefore making your hair seem longer than it actually is. This medium-length cut looks great on straight strands because it shows off how exacting this particular type of trim could be. Most types of faces will benefit from something like this because it appears narrower and adds length.

25. Side Swept Bangs

Bangs work nicely with any medium-length hairstyle and there are many ways how you may style them Side swept bangs are a beautiful and easy-going option suitable for almost all face shapes and low-maintenance cuts.

One way they become simpler to manage involves keeping them parted aside instead of having heavy thick bangs crossing over horizontally Thin wavy hairs flow shapes and textures on the back of the head towards the sides. Also, side-swept bangs can grow out naturally.

Such tresses would look especially impressive in combination with a straight-edged cut. Your hair will be left looking healthy, but it will also slightly contrast the style’s sharpness and the bangs’ softness how the hair falls can also soften your features and draw attention to your eyes.

26. E-girl Hairstyle

E-girl hairstyle is a way to express your originality and have fun. It talks about your likes, what you like to wear, and that’s why you are different from others around you. The trend incorporates many things from daring fashion styles to colorful make-up, black nails, and bright strands of hair among other things.

This is just about such aesthetics as far as we may understand them because there are no defined perimeters for it Only if you want a new youthful image emphasizing one’s medium-length haircut adding streaks of your favorite color could be an amazing idea.

Do not hesitate to go for more than one hue across all hair strands meaning you can achieve a rainbow-type look or stick to one shade placing it in strategic areas around the face thus forming frames.

27. Space Buns

Space buns are a perfect hairstyle for those with medium-length hair and it is a fun way to style your hair in a new and trendy manner. They gained popularity in the 90s but they still remain fashionable today, with few contemporary twists and personalization.

Rather; space buns can be worn at festivals, beaches, or just when hanging around with friends; the style is so versatile. It is an updo that has two buns on either side of the head; one can put all their hair up or they can use this look to create half up half down styles.

Young women or girls will love this youthful hairstyle especially if they want something adorable yet easy to replicate. For instance, space buns may also go with thick full bangs which help center attention on the face. As well as wispy fringe or tendrils that help add softness and could be particularly flattering.

28. Crown Braid

The crown braid is a romantic medium-length hairstyle; it’s perfect for formal occasions like weddings or if you love the cottage core aesthetic.

To make this up-do design, start by French braiding your hair from the back, taking it towards either side of your head before wrapping it around, forming a crown-like shape. With its ability to adapt from casual to dressy looks, Crown Braid can work for any occasion while always drawing attention to one’s face.

There are different types of curly/wavy hairstyles that one can create through it while managing such locks at once. Don’t try too hard though (lol), leave some strands on the sides that will fall around your face giving it a softer look and deliberately disheveled feel.

Do this a day after washing your hair since wetting it makes it more manageable.

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