9 Shoulder-Length Bob Haircuts for 2024!

The fashion world is always changing, and that includes hairstyles. The shoulder-length bob is a trendy look that can be as simple or wild as you want it to be.

Once just a basic, straight cut, the modern bob has transformed into something much more unique. With different shapes and hairpieces, this haircut can really show off who you are.

You could choose a sleek look with some money pieces to add a pop of color or make it messy with vibrant hues and lots of layers. Whatever your preference, there’s surely a style out there for you.

Those looking for something timeless will love the one-length bobs that only have subtle layering around the face. While anyone in need of change will enjoy the transformative power of bold colors and daring cuts.

There’s an endless amount of ways to spruce up your shoulder-length hair. And each one can be customized to match every hair type and personal preference.

1. Straight Angled Lob with Money Pieces

Give yourself an instant makeover with this sleek lob featuring eye-catching money pieces. This medium-length hairstyle adds dimension to your locks while also drawing attention to your eyes. You’ll need a flat iron for the straight layers before applying texturizing spray or mousse for finishing touches.

2. Stylish Inverted Bob for Medium-Length Hair

If you’re feeling extra adventurous go for an inverted bob on medium-length hair. It’s best done on freshly-straightened strands but you can also incorporate beachy waves if you’re into that slightly-messy style.

3. Mid-Length Bob with Feathered Layers for Older Women

For older women not ready to chop their hair too short try this mid-length style with feathered layers instead. The longer length gives them freedom while still adding volume near the face.

4. Rooted Bob with Ashy Ends

A blonde rooted bob with ashy ends offers a refreshing take on medium length haircuts.

5. Shoulder-Length 90s Layers

Layered shoulder cuts combos beautifully with chunky bangs inspired by 90s hairstyles are perfect for those seeking low-maintenance looks.

6. Auburn Balayage on a Medium Bob

Auburn balayage on medium length bobs is a warm tone that can complement any skin tone. Make sure to consult your stylist for the perfect shade and maintain its vibrancy with color-depositing shampoos at home.

7. Barbie Blonde Slob Hairstyle

The Barbie blonde slob is a straight hair cut that looks modern and versatile on anyone. It’s especially flattering on dark hair and gives you plenty of styling options to play with.

8. Bright and Shorter Lob with Choppy Fringe

Lastly, this bright shorter lob with a choppy fringe accentuates facial features in all the right ways. But don’t be mistaken, it’s still easy to manage and perfect for anyone who likes low maintenance do’s.

9. Sun-Kissed Wavy Medium Bob Hairstyle

Grab a dirty, sun-kissed medium bob. It has dark roots and a natural wavy texture that is sure to turn heads. The layered, carelessly cut hairstyle works for nearly everyone and pairs well with all hair types. If you want to change it up a bit, add side bangs that will help elongate your face!

The shoulder-length bob is an iconic hairstyle that refuses to go out of style. With your creativity, you can take your bob in any direction you’d like. For example, if you’re feeling bold and edgy, straighten it out or angle it to perfection. Or if you want something more laid back and casual, curl the ends into loose waves using a smoothing iron, curling iron or wand. Make sure to finish off with a touchable texture spray for volume.

No matter what direction you decide on taking your new hairdo in- trendy or timeless- you’re going to feel like a whole new person once its done! Experiment with different looks until you find one that really resonates with who you are.

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