The Top 15 Hairstyles for Oval Faces: Finding Your Perfect Look

Understandably, oval face shapes are ideal for experimenting with an assortment of hairstyles due to their well-proportioned nature. However, some of these styles may not bring out the natural symmetry and features which characterize an oval shaped face best. It is important to select styles that amplify the shape of the face without overpowering it.
It is versatile: One major advantage of having an oval shaped face is its ability to be styled in any hairstyle from the short pixie cuts to long flowing locks. Nevertheless, there are designs which can make your face look more symmetrical and have a harmonious appearance as a whole.

For individuals with an oval shaped faces, they can try adding volume or texture in order to enhance their cheekbones and jawline. Any layered cut whether short or long could even add movement and dimension to hair such that it frames the face beautifully. Moreover, side swept bangs or layers around the face could help soften facial attributes and give life to hair styles.

Hair Length – Another thing for those girls with ovals on mind should consider is hair length. Although many lengths compliment this type of shape but medium length works better for them mostly. For example a lob (long bob) or shoulder-length cut would suit this face while still offering enough room for different styles.

To style your hair, you might start by embracing its texture naturally if you possess an oval shaped head. While sleek straight looks highlight facial symmetry loose waves or curls will induce softness and femininity into your classy appearance.

The main thing here is choosing a hairstyle that gives you confidence as well as comfortability in wearing it. Various cuts, lengths as well as styling techniques may be experimented with until you discover which one suits your individuality and flatters your roundish countenance best.

#1: Vanilla Blonde Teasylights on Long Brown Hair

Description: Vanilla blonde teasylights blend seamlessly into the rich brown base color creating a multidimensional effect that gives depth and texture to hair; These subtle highlights are specifically placed to frame the face, accentuating natural features and lending an overall sun-kissed glow.

Styling: This versatile hairstyle can be easily heat styled into soft beachy waves or sleek straight strands. For a more casual look, scrunch hair using a texturizing spray for effortless tousled texture.

Product Recommendation: Use O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray to maintain the style and hold. It is light-weight and ensures that your hair does not sag under its weight all day long as it provides a firm grip.

#2: Long Very Dark Brunette Hair

Description: Long, very dark brunette hair is classic enough to be worn for any occasion, whether it’s a day at work or night out with friends. The deep brown hue adds richness and depth to the hair creating a sleek and polished look.

Maintenance: Regular salon visits every 10-12 weeks are important for maintaining vibrancy in color as well as preventing split ends in long dark brunette locks. Moreover, good quality haircare products like R+Co moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can help nourish the hair while keeping it hydrated thereby making it healthy and glossy.

#3: Dark Chestnut Brown Balayage Hair

Description: Dark chestnut brown balayage looks warm and inviting; just what you need to catch that autumn feel. The rich chestnut shades blend perfectly with the darker undertones forming something multidimensional that suits various eye colours plus olive skins.

Styling: This hairstyle is made to be very soft with many layers, which enhance the natural beauty of an oval face shape, creating depth and equilibrium in a total look. For loose waves or sleek straightness, this versatile haircut highlights some features of the face effortlessly.

#4: Long Curtain Fringe for Dark Brunette Hair

Description: In addition to dark brown hair, a long curtain fringe adds style and sophistication to it. By just reducing volume while viewing cheekbones and eyes that are already prominent it thus frames the face with subtle elegance as well as drawing attention.

Styling: A 2-inch barrel curling iron will give you soft shiny waves. It is perfect for casual occasions or official events since it has cascading tresses that have lots of motion.

#5: Perfect Curls for Shoulder-Length Hair

Description: Oval faces can be superbly complemented by shoulder-length hair styled into soft, blown-out curls. An elegant touch is added to the overall appearance of the hair thanks to these curls hence enhancing its texture.

Styling: Not too curly coils on your head are not good when styling because they will make your face appear longer than usual. Instead go for delicately framed soft looking curls around your face that create a flattering balanced look.

#6: Choppy Bob Makeover

Description: A choppy bob with slight face framing at one side part is exactly what you needed if your facial shape is oval. Usually, this type of haircut brings out a person’s natural contours while also bringing in movement and texture.

Length: To look stylish and sophisticated opt for a bob that ends just above your collarbone. This length makes a woman look fashionable but still modern.

#7: Layered Pixie Bob Haircut for Wavy Locks

Description: The layered pixie bob haircut wavy locks does not seem to run out of time for women with an oval face shape .It combines elements from both pixie cut and bob giving it its own style that suits everybody else’s look

Styling: If you want wavy locks to look gorgeous while moving use medium-hold product before styling. This way, you will get wavy hair that looks nothing like the natural kind and does not appear overdone.

#8: Medium Layered Cut with Fluffy Curls

Description: Medium-layered cuts are great for embracing fuller curls and defining natural hair texture. On oval faces it brings out the character very well because there is a more pronounced cascade in these curls

Styling: While styling this haircut, embrace the natural curliness of your locks with a curl-enhancing product. Apply evenly throughout wet hair and scrunch to create defined curls. In addition, considering using a diffuser attachment which could be used to give more volume or better texture to curls while drying the tresses especially at their roots

#9: Lob Cut with Soft Retro Waves

Description: Lob cuts make great options for people with oval faces by being versatile and attractive in nature. A little longer than bob but shorter than long hair, this haircut reveals loose waves as its main feature which creates texture and movement in the hair.

Styling: The perfect lob cut requires precision during styling. Use a curling wand or iron to add loose waves all over your head focusing mainly on mid-lengths and ends of the hair strands .A light-hold hairspray can seal them right after they have been curled up so that no drooping may take place throughout an entire day; thus one should approach for regular freshening up visits to his/her stylist’s chair so that a lob always looks polished and crisp each time he/she walks into it again

#10: Messy Layered Cut with Middle Part Bangs

Description: A disheveled layered cut with a side-parted ban is a charming and low maintenance choice for those who want to give their haircut an edge. This kind of hair style includes layers all through the length of the hair, making it textured and moving as well as middle parted bangs that enhance the face shape with trendy touch.

Styling: Blowing the bangs away from the face by using round brush while drying will create volume on them. On other parts of hair, apply texturizing spray or mousse and scrunch to preserve your natural texture giving your look tousled appearance which looks lived in. Finally get hold of light-hold hairspray that will keep this style in place yet maintain its gentle and easygoing tone.

#11: Low-Maintenance Medium Haircut with Subtle Layers

Description: A low-maintenance haircut with few layers in medium length is ideal for people with dense or heavy hair who want to have an easy-to-handle look that maintains form and movement. This means that the cut has light layers all over the long length to take out some bulk while leaving it at a considerable length.
Styling: For styling this hair, go for a heat protectant spray like KMS Thermashape Quick Blow Dry Spray on wet hair before the blow-drying process. While smoothing out the hair using a round brush, add some volumes at its roots. You can run a flat iron through your ends for sleekness and shine if you desire a well-finished style. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to set the style in place and provide long-lasting hold throughout the day.

#12: Deep Side-Parted Short Platinum Pixie

Description: The deep side-parted short platinum pixie is an assertion of self-expression and boldness with confidence. It is a daring cut featuring apart on one side which allows for dramatic sweeping across the forehead thereby creating asymmetry. Platinum blonde color provides striking contrast whilst enhancing modernity.

Styling: To give this pixie cut texture, be sure to keep it youthful and playful looking. Put some texturizing paste or pomade on your fingertips then work through your hair focusing mostly on the ends so as to create separation and definition from these points downwards. Use fingers when you want them tousled messy chic finish.This should be completed by applying light hold hairspray which sets everything still remains shiny.

#13: Medium Kinky Haircut with Piece-y Bangs

Description: For curly hair types with oval face shapes, medium-length styles including textured bangs are very flattering options. What makes this hairstyle special is that while curly hair has layering involved in order to enhance their natural texture; piece-y bangs serve as frames around an oval face shape thereby emphasizing it even more.

Styling: In styling this new hairstyle, try applying hydrating curling cream after washing so as to moisturize the hair thereby defining its curls. Gently scrunch your curls using your hands for better formations. Let your hair dry naturally or you could use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to speed up drying without interfering with the formation of these curls. When they are dry, you can separate and tousle them using fingers to create a less rigid look.

#14: Long Subtle Waves and Choppy Ends

Description: Long loose waves with choppy ends that have been texturized give a relaxed and effortlessly chic appearance. This hairstyle has soft waves flowing down her back with choppy ends which add an edgy touch and emphasize movement in general.

Styling: To get this look, spray wet hair with a texturing spray (or sea salt spray) to enhance texture and provide grip. For example, use a curling wand or iron on different parts of the hair to create beachy waves that flow in different directions for an authentic style.

After creating those waves run fingers through them so as to separate these strands into more relaxed ones while also adding lived-in appearance. Finish with light-hold hairspray which maintains flexibility and still permits movement.

#15: Beach Blonde Highlights on Mid-Length Brunette Hair

Description: Sun kissed brown highlights on mid-length brunette tresses lend warmth and dimensionality to it. The hairstyle features some highlights placed strategically along the length which imitate natural sun bleaching giving it a beach-like appearance.

Styling: Choose loose, messy curls that emphasize the highlights and add volume to your hair for a look that is even more beachy. You should curl with a curling wand or iron, creating soft waves all over, concentrating on the middle and ends of your hair. After you have curled the hair, run your fingers through it slowly so that you loosen up and separate the waves; achieving an easy-going look. Finish off with some texturizing spray or sea salt spray to give it some beach texture and maintain a hold.

These hairstyles are great for oval faces because they flatter their wearers due to their versatility and style. It’s important to discuss with your stylist how this will be tailored towards your hair type and preferences.

This will give you a new appearance which matches well with your facial features when styled properly.

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