Struggling with Greasy Hair? Here are 7 Essential Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

What about those greasy hair blues that we know only too well? You know, when your hair feels like it can comfortably hold an oil wrestling competition just days after washing? that thing.

In fact, this is absolutely normal and it means that your scalp and hair are healthy and shiny as ever doing what they need to prevent turning into dry brittle tumbleweed.

But what if your hair never dries out? Like seriously, you seem to have so much oil flowing from your head such that you could fry eggs with it.

Maybe your sebaceous gland finds its task of producing sebum much more enjoyable than it should be or the hair care products you use go beyond what your hair can take.

Do not worry, my oily-headed comrades! There are several tricks to tame this grease. Let us delve into some top-notch strategies together with a few cautionary tales on how to outdo the oily:

1. Don’t be a handsy head patter

Sure, your scalp is an oil factory by all means natural but not always the main offender in regard to greasy woes.

Occasionally, but one’s own hands may become culprits! Think about it: every time you twirl/ tousle/ touch/ simply touch/lay a finger on your hair, potential oils from fingertips end up in follicles.

It’s nothing huge while styling or tucking behind the ear or maybe even once in a while friendly petting. Nevertheless, if you are all hands-on deck throughout the day, just like asking for an oil party there.

2. Do not forget to use dry shampoo as a friend

Use just a little of this elixir and you can hold on to your style for some extra days. However, the keyword is ‘little’ since your scalp does not invite oil production only during excesses following dry shampoo application.

Use it sparingly to freshen up important zones, then comb it through with sleepy carelessness like a cat that has just woken up halfway. Your fingers or a wide-toothed comb come in handy here.

3. Don’t turn into a compulsive hairdresser

I mean, greasy hair calls for a shower like in those horror movies, but washing it every day is like pushing down a big red button that tells your scalp to produce more oil.

Yes, each wash strips off the natural defences hence causing emergency oil-production mode in your scalp.

Try stretching out the time between shampoos and see the grease gradually reduce from your hair.

4. Do embrace the power of a clarifying shampoo on wash day

When you do have time to clean your hair, go for deep cleansing using clarifying shampoo. This will refresh your scalp and rinse off oil and any residues that may have settled there all week long.

But caution! This stuff is strong and if used too often acts like overkill – using bazooka instead of fly-swatter that will make your strands go dry also!

5. Do not put too much density of conditioner on your scalp

Here is the deal: Conditioner is great for the ends, but a nightmare for the scalp. It’s like feeding seagulls at the beach – sounds like fun until they all come flapping towards you.

Apply it only to the mid-lengths and ends where it can work its moisturizing magic, not turn your roots into an oil slick.

6. Get inventive with styles that are good for greasy hair

Be a master of a few go-to looks that embrace the grease.

A sleek low bun could be your secret weapon to use at work while half up and half down hairstyle can cleverly disguise oilier roots as part of the chic look, transitioning from day to night.

7. Don’t turn up the heat

Blow-drying/using hot tools on oily hair is similar to frying twice-fried chips.

It may seem to be harmless but this act will make things worse by drying out one’s hair further or making the oil situation appear even more severe than it really is. Keep heat settings low.

Choose a volumizing blowout instead of straightening irons and save intense heat for marshmallow roasting – not your hair.

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