28 Youthful Wedge Hairstyles for Women Over 70

A wedge haircut for women over 60 contains modern-day, stacked layers at the back which are voluminous and full. They offer the classic look that can make an old woman look much younger!

She is very supportive of this rejuvenating style as Felicia Cantu, a hairstylist in Southlake, TX states. “Wedge cuts are universally flattering and timeless. They’re an easy way to achieve youthfulness”, she said.

Before getting your hair cut this way, it’s advisable to have a word with your stylist first so that you can establish if the style fits well with your face shape and hair type.

“On thin hair or where there are receding areas, going for a blunt cut can help create more volume,” Cantu suggests.

It is important to get a good stylist who would be able to layer expertly without experiencing common problems like uneven gaps around the ears.

Nevertheless, Cantu warns about its maintenance needs. “This means frequent visits to a salon every six to eight weeks just to keep shape naturally and daily styling”, she asserted.

For women in their sixties looking for something new and trendy then the wedge haircut would be ideal!

1. The Edgy Wedge with Bangs

This modish edition of the traditional wedge haircut marries sharp, neat lines with bangs that add a twist of style.

It is youthful and suitable for ladies who want to be audacious regarding their fashion yet simple and convenient hair.

2. Textured for Fine Hair

It is specifically intended for women with thin hair by using layering and texturizing techniques that provide volume and an illusion of thicker hair.

In particular, it’s perfect for adding body and style without having to worry about constant care.

3. Voluminous Wedge

Concentrating on maximum volume at the crown that gently narrows down towards the neck, this wedge haircut aims to give a daring silhouette while accentuating the natural shape of the head.

4. Subtle Wedge Cut

Softening the look in comparison to a bold edge-cutting technique, this cut gently frames one’s face through thin layers that allow her or him to wash her or his hair naturally.

That is why it suits women who prefer restrained elegance that requires minimum maintenance.

5. Undercut Wedge Style

A combination between traditional wedge cut and undercut brings about a contemporary outlook that eliminates bulkiness hence emphasizing the sleekness of wedges’ lines.

Hence making it ideal for females searching for low-maintenance but fashionable styles.

6. Grey Wedge with a Side Part

Designed to enhance grey hair’s beauty, the side part helps in adding elegance plus classiness to this type of wedge style.

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Hence working well with its natural texture as well as color variations that come along with grey thus giving them an attractive mature look.

7. Wedged Bob with an Undercut

By merging clean bobs up-do hairstyles together with undercuts, this hairstyle results in something unique that looks both trendy and practical when worn by any woman – whether she has a busy schedule or not.

8. A Very Short Wedge

For those with the simplest of tastes, this is a very simple and short wedge that offers easy care with a neat, crisp appearance.

It’s good for active women who want a hairstyle that is low maintenance.

9. Wedge from the 70s

An expanded and thick 70s-inspired wedge cut with layers that give it a plush retro look. It’s great for those who have a taste for old-fashioned fashion but also love contemporary twists.

10. Compliments Glasses

This type of wedge haircut shape suits people whose faces are framed by glasses since there are some layers that do not override the spectacles on the face.

11. The Wash-and-Wear

It is designed to save time. You just need to get out of the shower, towel dry your hair, and apply some product if necessary in order to accentuate its natural texture and let it dry up.

Mostly recommended for individuals leading busy lives or those wanting a natural uncomplicated style.

12. Retro-Style Wedge

Softer edges that make it appear more combined, layered wedges like this can remind one of things past even when they remain modernized in some way by their construction techniques allowing them to be voluminous through skilled scissor use and flowing naturally.

13. Youthful Pixie Wedge Haircut

This haircut is meant to be rejuvenating by combining the pixie cut’s playful shortness with the elegant structure of the wedge.

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This makes it trendy and a good choice for mature women because the layers are tailored in such a way that they add more bulk and make movement.

14. Low-Maintenance Wedge Hairstyle

This is really about making sure that it can still be stylish even when it is convenient.

It can stay styled and shaped for longer periods of time, reducing the frequency at which one may need to have it trimmed. Hence, it is great for women who want something nice-looking without much ado.

15. Wedged with an Undercut

While this style entails undercutting to dramatically reduce the volume of hair, the iconic shape of a wedge remains at its topmost part.

A forward-looking outlook that is edgy yet elegant suits any woman who wants to stand out from others.

16. Flattering for Curly Hair

In curly hair, layering this type of wedges enhances volume as well as texture, defining curls while controlling frizz effectively making them lively and beautiful in appearance.

17. Short-lived Wedge Bob

This combines the wedge and bob styles, making it a polished but convenient hairdo. The short length of this wedge is low-maintenance while adding some dignity and contemporariness.

18. Stunning on Salt and Pepper Hair

The natural gracefulness of salt and pepper hair is brought to life by texturizing, which enhances the color variations that are unique to this kind of mane.

In addition, the cut looks stylish and voluminous with the inclusion of a modern twist to it like in a wedge.

19. Modified Wedge

This style uses cutting-edge techniques to create an adaptable version of the classic wedge for today’s fashion trends. It’s made for women who want to stay current without veering too far from traditional shapes.

20. Wedge in Dorothy Hamill Look

Inspired by iconic Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill, this haircut features a sleek shape that is very elegant and poised just like its namesake.

Active women will love how maintenance-free it is as well as how gorgeous they look at all times.

21. Younger-Looking Wedge Style

This style uses the inherent elasticity in hair to create a youthful effect when worn by older persons whose hair has lost vitality due to aging effects such as thinning.

With many layers incorporated into the cut, there will be more body and bounce which may help disguise thin hair often accompanying getting older.

22. Sassy Wedge Cut

For ladies looking for vibrant expression, this sassy wedge cut incorporates dynamic angles together with a playfulness that can be formalized depending on where one wants to go, thus being both multi-purpose and fashionable.

23. Cropped Haircut Non-Wedge

A minimalist take on the traditional wedge can be seen in this simple haircut with shorter layers giving one a less high-maintenance look.

Hence, it is the perfect way of having daring, easy-to-maintain hair that still looks polished and fashionable.

24. Wedge Cut Back View

This style emphasizes the accuracy of its backside tapering, which forms beautiful layered wedges giving rise to an elegant silhouette.

The idea is for it to look attractive from all sides so that the wearer can feel confident and stylish.

25. Layered Cut for Thick Hair

This layered wedge cut is excellent at managing thick hair by distributing natural volume throughout the length of the hair thus reducing any bulkiness.

Furthermore, the strategic layering allows better shaping and movement thereby making it both easier to work with and more suited to most faces.

26. The Brief Wedge Cut

This style is a shorter form of the classic wedge, with elegant angles and volume, but shorter. It’s perfect for those who like to keep it neat and clean on most days.

27. Stacked Inverted Nicely

This haircut contains inverted layers that are beautifully stacked at the back and create volume as well as texture.

The front is shaped in a way that frames the face hence balancing a softer look with a more approachable appearance at the back.

28. Wedge Cut For Fine Hair

Specially designed for fine hair, this kind of wedge cut uses layering to provide more volume and textures to make hair look thicker and fuller than it actually is.

This would be best for improving a thin type thus keeping it easy for maintenance.

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