The Best Kept Secret to Growing Long Healthy Hair FAST

If you resemble my clients, after a long time of growing your hair out, it is still all the same and no matter how much effort you put in, nothing changes.

It meant getting frequent trims; buying stuff or even going for that trending hair growth thing that went viral on social media. So why did they fail to produce any results?

Hair growth doesn’t result from any of these measures. Just trends people are trying to make you spend money on.

Earlier today they were selling pills for hair growth. And yesterday it was rice water. And before that it was caffeine in your shampoo that makes your hair grow. What if there were shortcut through all these scammy-trend products and just real hair growth?

While others concentrate mainly on color or cuts, I am an expert in the maintenance and development of hair which is my thing.

I am stoked to show you this routine so you can get long like my client because it’s the fastest way. And I’m not talking about only a few extra scraggles at the bottom here.

Hair Growth Cycle

Therefore to grow long hair, one must first understand how individual hairs go through their own growth cycles at the start of a cycle.

This phase is called anagen. Your follicles have cells multiplying and there’s a lot of new growing hairs everywhere but most importantly, every person has different lengths as far as this part is concerned.

Some people have an antigen phase for seven years while others may only have three year cycles.So their hair only has three years to get long. The key here is that the longer your cycle, the more time your hair has to get and grow.

Anyway, the next phase is CATAGEN

This means your hair follicles are starting go dormant and shrink but it does not fall out yet. This is you having a TV phase. That’s when your hair actually falls out ever so easily. It’s not fun like they say.

So why all this? Because now, as your hair growth resets and you begin another cycle, you have a fresh growth stage to use.

And if your hair doesn’t grow as long as you want it to, it’s probably because of mistakes that you’re making unconsciously. A lot of length is lost in this case.

Why did I use length there instead of growth? That’s because during the antigen phase, your hair is constantly growing It’s not like a knob inside your head where it says fast or slow.

I am going to repeat myself once again since this is very important.

When it comes to growing hair out, you have to realize that your hair is already growing. Don’t focus on that. It’s a waste of time and energy

One of my favorite clients who I helped get long hairs was blond and she would always get her roots touched up which was due to her dislike for any dark roots against her blonde haired scalp.

One day, she walked in with short hair and complained that her hair couldn’t grow any longer.

And so I said to her “Your hair is actually growing very fast!” And that’s why she has to get her roots touched up so often since they keep growing out on her.

She was just briefly puzzled but then she said “Oh yeah” because, if my roots are always growing out, then yes, my hair is growing. However if that’s true, why isn’t my hair long if it is developing such a lot? The answer is: during the antigen phase, which is super common and happily super easy to fix for her, she made some mistakes.

Hair Bleaching & Aftercare

The problem was that as her hair grew longer and more bleached it was neglected. Therefore all of the new fresh growth gets bleached right away and this is something you should never do to your hair. Not key styling. Stylists don’t want you to know that.: Anyhow after having bleach in her hair all over again there no much proper routine.

Thus she’s leaving her mane exposed to elements making it dry out and get damaged beyond repair Damaged manes break easily. Also as the length of your head increases so does its damage and susceptibility to breaking. This implies that the moment a given length has been reached by such tresses they will simply fall off.

It’s too damaged – losing ability of strength retention. As a result it breaks off easily.. That was what prevented the impression from being created that my mane wasn’t progressing at all: It used to grow about an inch here But it would break off before ever reaching down there, so only part of this inch made its way down here. So you can get trims frequently (which won’t work).

Growth Pills for Hair Breakage

There are magic growth pills around yet they do nothing against this type of fragility. They are useless as soon as your hair becomes longer. All right, We’re going to get it so strong that we aren’t going to lose any length to breakage during this antigen phase.

This will enable your hair to grow at its full potential. Whether you were not endowed with the genetically gifted long hair. So an added advantage of this plan is that since healthy tresses are stronger, it appears glossy and perfect in appearance. And when you compound these products together, it’s easier because they look better.

Thus your hair keeps becoming more beautiful and more resistant, growing longer and stronger each time Believe me or not but I am really going to be growing my hair starting in the next month or two And let you know exactly what’s happening throughout.

Don’t worry, at the end of this sentence is the same exact routine that helped her grow her hair out from a bob cut.

How to Grow Your Hair Routine

First off, we are going to put on a mask once every week. If you do not know what conditioner means, they are hair super foods.

Conditioners work more superficially by putting a nice shine and texture to the outer layer of your hair but masks are deeply penetrating treatments that moisturize the inner layers of the hair, which is very important in maintaining strong healthy hair than starting its antigen phase.

Next up, I am sure that there will be some people who disagree with me on this point but we are not going to get a trim for at least half a year.

Trims do nothing but retard hair growth. In the eighties it was suggested that cutting your hair would make it grow faster, and most stylists still stick to this even though it’s false.

This myth gained popularity only in nineteen eighty when people noticed that if you cut your hair four inches shorter it would start growing again. However, after regrowth occurs, it would only rise up to where one had stopped before trimming.

We actually know why it grows until then and stops: because that area is where weak new growths starts breaking down into dust motes as well as dying off. Thereby alternating these two links does not result in longer hair length ever; basically one wastes his or her time and even money in getting such kind of haircut. The real way to grow your hair past that limit is by Cutting it and improving your routine to make your hair stronger.

For example, so before it breaks off next time. While we’re still here about this second product; let us now add Hair Oil onto our list of things you need for maintenance.

What an oil do is merely create an outer protective barrier around the strands of your hairs thus retaining moisture within them all day long. It will smoothen any unevenness or roughness thereby giving shinier finish

It makes our hairs, glossy. We’re doing this every day, continuously forming a fresh coating between your hair and the atmosphere to shield it against drying up or becoming brittle, but we will not usually apply that oil on the whole head.

Instead of applying it all over the hair, we’ll focus on our ends because they are the weakest part and have been for a long time. They’ve been through so much damage just because they’ve always been there and they need extra attention if they are to stay healthy and strong.

And you may not have thought about it like this, but your ends are also delicate because where you trim them, you leave an open hole. Um, and there’s no getting around that, but that whole makes the hair really exposed. This oil will make you never have dry ends again, because remember dry ends split crack, and turn dust.

Therefore whenever you complete your hair routine after taking a shower in the evening when you are done styling as well as putting in some products into it then take some of the hair oil and run it down your strands especially at its extremities. Even when it is not washing day; use this product still as usual. When we wake up sealing and polishing of our tips gives them healthfulness.

Alright, the next one is about no heat styling. So for this first fortnight we are going to fill your hair with a lot of moisture by using the mask and let all that moisture build up.

Thus, we can have a great starting point after those two weeks. You may then begin heat styling all over again, but do not forget to apply a heat protectant prior to heating it and give yourself three days off before exposing it once more to high temperatures. All right. Oil is caring for our ends as well as our mids. Nonetheless, when your hair begins to grow out, its root area, which constitutes the mid section must be taken care of.

They are not as fragile as your ends because they are new growth hairs; they have not been around that long but if you leave them without protection on them they’ll dry totally on you and become vulnerable to damage and breakage which is definitely something we don’t want. Because anything below mid-snap roots is lost completely.

So that never happens it’s time for product number 3!

All right. This is so easy though it has only three products here. We have leave-in conditioner in this range. As an outcome, water-based solution feels really light on the hair strands! It will retain water in order to keep hair moisturized making healthier ones by forming a very thin film on each strand of hair.

But most importantly: In addition to its other qualities stated above, it helps enhance the bonding in your hair strands hence reducing chances of breaking off even when this article is applied onto them

The majority of people always confuse about that too much often. I mean what’s even difference between regular conditioner and leave-in conditioner? Do I need these both at once? Never ever!

Both are needed for your regular conditioner including moisturizer and also just so your hair looks healthy with some glossiness and softness added into the equation; use it in the shower and you will know the difference. But if you try feeling your hair later on in the day, it does not feel nearly as good as when you first washed it in the shower and this is because your hair has been drying out.

This caused all of your conditioner’s effects to disappear. It got washed down the drain, so now you have dry hair again but with leave-in conditioner; therefore, this will help you keep that moisture You can still benefit from your regular conditioner. Your hair will stay nice and shiny, hydrated, feeling like it did in the shower.

This is just one of those products that make a good leave-in conditioner super easy to use. And its very forgiving too. You’re going to use this thing. After washing my hair I’m going to do what? Grab a towel right after stepping out of the shower and dry my hair using it so that it remains damp at most i.e., not wet nor is it totally dry before applying this for your own hair. This is actually considered base product meaning there should never be anything else applied on top of its surface.

It’s done within 20 seconds exactly! After that carry on doing other stuffs with your normal routine just like everyone else does their every morning but remember about oiling ends with which they won’t fall off!

At this moment, your hair is about to become unstoppable. You are going to get the full benefit and length of that antigen phase for as long as it lasts. And so, people will start asking your friends what you have changed.

It is not until it starts getting long that the hair will not get long on the first day but on the first day of using this, and your hair is going to look healthier and shinier.

And subsequently, it gets better and better and better still longer.

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